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Decoding the Stunning Artwork of Seduce

After the opening of his fascinating exhibit at Art Korner, we chatted with Seduce for a while about his artistic process and about the hurdles he had to overcome.

Seduce hails from France and is a creative person with an advertising background in RL. He finds satisfaction in creating scenes in the wonderful playground that Second Life offers and loves adding some post processing work to his images with Photoshop. He is a curious, adventurous traveler with a great passion for Asia and also an insatiable history lover.

Seduce enjoys creating stories inspired by a films, books or reality, and wherever possible tries to evoke emotions in his viewers. This is mostly the final key line in his search for creativity.

I was really happy when Seduce agreed to present his work at Art Korner Gallery II as the opening exhibitor. Over time, I had the opportunity to know him more and talk about his art, passion and creativity.

Entry into Photography

If you look at the incredible images Seduce creates, you will find it hard to believe that he embarked on his journey into SL Photography only last year. He feels he has many friends to thank for encouraging him and always supporting him through the thick and thin of it. It was only because of Fil Good that Seduce was introduced to Flickr. Dhyezl Ravenhurst was another person who instigated the passionate photographer within Seduce and got him started on his path.

“My technical knowledge mostly comes thanks to Čσυnтєѕѕ βrσσĸlуn Dⅰmαηovíc”, says Seduce. “She taught me how to create scenes, use projectors and work with backdrops. She also lets me use her studio now.”

Legends by Seduce – Art Korner Gallery II (Image by Jeanie)

The Fantasy Genre

When one ventures into photography, one usually starts with simple portraits or landscape images. But Seduce took a different path and started off with a genre that isn’t as commonly created in SL as it should be – the fantasy genre.

“I will tell you a secret”, says Seduce to me. “I would honestly love to create landscapes. But my Mac’s graphics card is simply not very friendly with Second Life. But I think this limitation put me on a path that I now enjoy.”

It is his unique style along with the visually stunning images he creates that make him stand out amongst everyone.

His Artistic Process

The artistic process of an artist ends up revealing a lot about them and also gives us a deeper insight into their works. Hence, it is something I am always keen to know about while talking to any artist.

Seduce tells me, “I first like to choose a theme and then work on expressing it in a proper way. There is nothing more frustrating than having an idea roaming around in your mind while you are unable to find a way to express it properly.”

Legends by Seduce – Art Korner Gallery II

Creating Armies

If you visit “Legends” by Seduce at Art Korner Gallery II, you will notice he has created armies in a few of his images. His images are often layered and composed of several cuts sewn in together perfectly to create a beautiful, stunning picture.

I asked him a question which I have been asked several times by guests visiting his exhibit – how does he create armies in a frame?

“I think the answer is quite obvious”, says Seduce. “I clone myself against a white screen and add them to the image to make a complete army. So, barring a few, all the humans you see in my images are different versions of me.”

The amount of hard work and dedication Seduce puts into his work is truly amazing. To create a single picture, he needs to click multiple snapshots, edit them and mold them together to form a composite image.

Plans for the Future

Seduce has many different themes he would like to work with in the future. He gains a lot of inspiration from world history, fantasy, movies and folklore. He plans to try out some more themes soon.

“I want to keep on with the historical themes for now”, says Seduce. “Knights, Napoleon, the French Revolution and American/World history are all possibilities. But if possible, I also want to include some tributes for movies or books I enjoy, or even perhaps events which left a mark on the modern world.”

We are all super excited to see how his journey continues.


  1. Gallery II – Art Korner Blog & Gallery

You can also view more of Seduce’s work on his FLICKR page

Tip : While you are at the exhibition, click on the vase below each artwork to get more information about it.

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