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Deer River : A Fall-Themed Beauty

Explore this photogenic region set in the midst of nature by rezzing a bike, riding a horse or simply wandering around on foot while taking in the awe-inspiring beauty of the surroundings.

Deer River is the first of this season’s Fall-themed destinations that we had the pleasure to visit. And what a journey it was! All the things that symbolize this beautiful time of the year and which bring back nostalgic memories can be found within Deer River. Possibly named after the large number of the gentle herbivores found along the banks of the small river that flows through this region, Deer River has a rural, laidback setting that allows us ample opportunities to connect with nature.

The arrival point is located on a small wooden pier that just out into the large water body that surrounds this region. However, it must be noted that this larger body of water (possibly a river or a lake) is not really what gives the region its name. Deer River is probably the name of a much smaller river that flows into this waterbody after making its way through the beautiful region.

Fishing Town – Deer River

As the scene of a small fishing town in the midst of nature unfolds before your eyes on arrival, you will be stunned by the sheer beauty of this region. Near the landing point, a couple of deck chairs have been laid out for you to relax and watch the water flow by or to grab a rod and attempt to catch some fish. Just as you walk out from the dock and on to solid, hard ground, a fish-and-chips stall invites you to grab a bite before you start your journey.

Deer River is interspersed with a number of paths, some which are made from stone while most are simple dirt pathways. There are a number of bridges to cross the small river which divides the region into two unequal parts. The colors of autumn – yellow and orange – shine throughout this region and are a beautiful reminder of the season’s many pleasures.

The region’s friendly inhabitants – Deer River

Along the banks of the river one can spot many gentle creatures, which are the region’s original inhabitants. Deer in varying group sizes can be found all over the region, but their population is more concentrated around the river bank. A family of otters can also be seen swimming in the waters of the river at one point. A couple of raccoons take refuge on some of the rocks that line parts of the river.

Apart form the river, the region also contains a small pond, that is flanked on one side by a series of cascade waterfalls, which form a pretty sight when walking across the wooden bridge that can be used to cross it. A few ducks call this pond their home and compose a beautiful scene which one can look at for a long time.

Camp Redwood – Deer River

Fall camping is one of the ultimate pleasures of the season and thus the sim designer, Kess Crystal, has incorporated Camp Redwood, a beautiful campsite, into the region build. Consisting of a couple of tents, a camper and an office, the campsite is set in the midst of nature and is a perfect place for a day picnic with friends or a romantic date with your special someone.

Deer River offers innumerable spots for couples, including some hidden ones awaiting discovery, that provide an incredibly romantic atmosphere for that perfect date. This is a place to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy your connection with nature. Photographers have the opportunity to take pictures to their heart’s content and will be delighted to know that by joining the Image-Ination group (free to join), they will be able to rez poses and props on the region to enhance their images.

In the midst of nature – Deer River

Whether you wish to visit the fishing town near the arrival point, enjoy some camping at Redwood or ride a horse around the region, Deer River will surely leave a lasting impression on your mind. It is a region that celebrates the beauty of the Fall season and has a plethora of exciting activities that will keep you engaged. You can choose to walk around, ride a horse or a bicycle; whichever you choose, you will definitely enjoy your journey through Deer River.


  1. Deer River – Papagena

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