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Depiction of Sea Level Rise in the Virtual World

The effects of global warming, primarily the rise in sea level within the past century, take center stage in Manoji Yachvili’s latest exhibition at Onceagain Art Gallery.

Manoji Yachvili, popularly also known as Onceagain, is already well known for her real life photography. She has exhibited her works a number of times in her own gallery – the Onceagain Art Gallery. Apart from her own works, she also invites other artists frequently to exhibit their works at her gallery. Most recently, the exhibitions by Moki Yuitza and Nekonuko Nakamori caused waves in the art community.

6 mt. Sea Level” by Manoji Yachvili – Onceagain Art Gallery

The latest exhibition in her gallery is Manoji’s first ever display of SL photography in the virtual world. Titled “6 mt. Sea Level“, the exhibition attempts to depict the effects of global warming in a virtual world. At the heart of the exhibition is an image based on analysis and data from Philip Thompson, University of Hawaii Sea Level Center which depicts the global sea level rise from 1880 to present day.

Global mean sea levels rose by 11 – 16 cm in the 20th century and it is predicted that even with sharp, immediate cuts in our carbon emissions, it will rise another 50 cm this century. But if we fail to act and consider a higher emission scenario, due to the Antarctic ice sheet becoming increasingly unstable, the 21st century could witness an extreme rise of up to 2 m.

6 mt. Sea Level” by Manoji Yachvili – Onceagain Art Gallery

It is important for us to visit the rooms in this exhibition successively in the order they have been numbered. This is because each photograph in this exhibition corresponds to a decade. For example, the first room contains two seascapes showcasing the natural beauty of the world and which have the part of graph from 1880 and 1900 superposed onto them.

As we move from room to room, a gradual change can be noticed in the images as they get bleaker. The last room, located right above the first and which can be accessed using a flight of stairs, contains two images corresponding to 2000 and 2020, the most recent times which we all can relate to. It also contains another image which is significantly darker and more grim compared to the rest of the images – the vision of the future – 2040.

6 mt. Sea Level” by Manoji Yachvili – Onceagain Art Gallery

The exhibit is essentially a warning and a call for change. It stresses on the urgency for action against climate change to combat not just sea level rise, but many other perils which will follow if we fail to act. The images here are all available for sale as limited edition pieces from Manoji. The intimate atmosphere, along with many sculptures of dolphins, seashells and other things that remind us of the sea, add to the beauty of this exhibition.

Manoji’s first ever exhibition of SL photography really makes you think over some global issues and is an informative, interesting experience.


  1. Onceagain Art Gallery – Peaceful Mountains

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