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Discovering Cica Ghost's Green Planet

Slimy green monsters, toxic bubbles rising from the earth and some really quirky animations make a journey through Cica's spectacular build a really special one!

Green is a color which can be used in its many different shades to symbolize or hint towards a wide variety of things. Paler, milder shades of green are often associated with foliage, pastures and meadows, whereas a darker shade infused with hints of red and yellow lets this color taken on a very different meaning - one of toxicity.

It is the latter which artist Cica Ghost uses in her latest build - Green Planet. While I do not claim to know her inspiration or the underlying meaning she may have had while building this region, one can't help but wonder if the toxicity that is being reflected through the atmosphere in the build comes from the latest global events, in particular the war in Ukraine.

As anyone who follows her builds regularly knows, Cica's windlight is an integral part of her work and thus, to get the experience intended by the artist, it is necessary to use Shared Environment and enable Advanced Lighting Model. Shadows should be set to Sun/Moon + Projector to infuse a sense of depth and perspective into the build.

The landing point in Cica's Green Planet is located a bit further away from the rest of the build. To get to the main build, one needs to walk through the gaping, open mouth of a slimy one eyed creature. A short walk through a narrow ravine brings you into a world of slimy green creatures and toxic bubbles rising out of small crevices in the earth.

Unlike most of Cica's previous builds, the characters of Green Planet are not cute, playful creatures but rather slimy "monsters" oozing with what are perhaps toxic chemicals. While the atmosphere in the build is grim and dreary, there is a certain amount of humor involved (as is the case with most of Cica's builds).

Some of the objects are interactive and one can try out the many poses they have been equipped with. A Free Gift at the landing point gives you a small slimy creature which attaches to your head much like a hat rather humorously. Small rocks floating in the air, much like asteroids can be animated on, taking you in a whirl as you cling for dear life to them.

"Green Planet" is a build by Cica Ghost which is perhaps a reminder that even in dark times, there is scope for positivity, joy and to make the best out of it. A must-visit for all explorers of the virtual world!



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