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Dive into Greek Mythology with London Junkers at UASL

In this new installation at United Artists for SL, London Junkers takes us on a breathtaking journey through some of the most incredible stories from Greek mythology with the help of his stunning creations.

Mythology plays an important role in almost every civilization and culture. Supernatural beings, monsters, Gods, Goddesses, the battle between good and evil, concepts of heaven and hell feature in several mythological tales which evoke feelings of wonder and amazement. The word “Mythology” comes from two Greek words – mythos and logos – and literally translates to “a spoken story of the people”. These are stories that have been passed on through the centuries and whether they were true or not is anybody’s guess. But they sure are some of the most exciting, adventurous tales you will hear.

Encounter with The Sirens from Homer’s The Odyssey

London Junkers, in a fascinating 3D installation at the United Artists of SL, presents thirteen interesting stories from Greek mythology in an incredible build that completely caught me by surprise. I didn’t know what to expect when I entered the Great Hall from the landing point. The Great Hall is a spacious room – the first one we enter – which is designed like the interiors of a mighty Greek temple and gives just a small hint of how enormous this build really is. From here, you can start exploring the installation through the doorway on the right. Clicking the Horse statue by the door gives you an introductory notecard explaining the journey ahead.

The story of Ganymede, who selflessly offered his bowl of water to Zeus, disguised as an eagle

This exhibition, titled “ιστορίες” (which literally translates to stories in English), takes you on a journey into the past where we enter the realm of Greek Gods and Monsters. This adventure takes us through some dark places like the Underworld and the labyrinth of tunnels surrounding it. It is recommended that you switch on the Advanced Lighting Model in your Graphics tab in the Preferences Menu. Setting Environment to Midday will also boost your visibility. In the introductory notecard, London Junkers also encourages you to see the installation in Mouse View since it will not only enhance the perspective and size of the exhibits but also raise your L.O.D. so that even the smallest particles are rezzed better.

The story of Pegasus, a divine creature that symbolizes the journey to heaven

The walk through the installation will take you through several rooms, each telling you a story from Greek mythology. Along this journey you will be introduced to many Greek Gods, Goddesses and Monsters through tales which will definitely fascinate you and keep you engaged throughout the experience. Some stories like the story of Troy or Medusa are quite well-known but most of you will find some interesting new stories which you didn’t know about before.

In each room or area that you travel through, you will find a small sculpture of a horse, much like the one that gives you the introductory notecard in the Great Hall. Clicking on this sculpture will give you a notecard telling you about the story depicted within that particular space.

The Underworld, ruled by Hades, also features in London’s build

London Junkers’ in-depth study of Greek mythology and the stories he depicts in this awe-inspiring installation is something that amazed me. There is a nice flow to the stories presented here; we start off within a labyrinth of dark tunnels, surrounded by treacherous monsters, and slowly progress towards the finale, which consists of a climb up the heavenly slopes of Mount Olympus to the abode of Zeus, King of Gods.

Fantasy, adventure, mythology and London Junkers’ incredible creativity all combine to give the visitor a delightful experience in this latest exhibition at United Artists of SL.

Any visitor to “ιστορίες” will be fascinated by the stories depicted through the visually stunning creations of London Junkers. Click HERE to visit this installation inworld.

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