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A Dive into SL Art with Chuck Clip at SL18B!

A new installation at SL18B by Chuck Clip celebrates the rich diversity of art in SL while also serving as a good starting point for anyone new to the world of SL art.

Chuck Clip is someone who has been connected and supporting the world of art in SL for many years. Now the proud owner of Sinful Retreat and Angel’s Rest with his wife, Jewell, Chuck has a broad view of art and believes the word encompasses many different forms of creativity like, painting, photography, digital art, writing, poetry, virtual art, theatre and so on. Apart from enabling 2D and 3D artists by giving them an incredible platform to display their work through the three Janus Galleries on Sinful Retreat, Chuck and Jewell are equally passionate and committed to supporting poets, musicians, writers and live performers by enabling them to practice and display their skills.

Not many people in SL have stuck around in the art world for as long as Chuck has. Therefore, his view of SL art is perhaps one of the broadest one will be able to find around. Even though many art lovers and patrons are aware about all the wonderful exhibitions and galleries across the grid, the reality is that, to the uninitiated, the art world in SL can be daunting and difficult to navigate around.

Dive into SL Art! – Chuck Clip #84, SLB Sparkle

At SL18B, Chuck has come up with a new installation that celebrates art in SL, giving visitors a glimpse into the various artforms that one can enjoy in SL. This is a place where one can appreciate the diverse range of artworks artists create in SL as well as learn a bit about the history of art in SL. Artwork including 2D art, 3D art and even poetry from over 30 artists can be seen within this parcel, which is representative of the creativity abound in SL.

When one is as active as Chuck is, sometimes you simply don’t get the time to create any more; however Chuck himself is a brilliant artist who created many incredible installations years ago. You will be able to see a couple of them as part of this fascinating exhibit.

Dive into SL Art! – Chuck Clip #84, SLB Sparkle

In this installation, one room is dedicated to master sculptor Starax Statosky, who is considered by many to be the Godfather of SL prim sculptors. Chuck writes: “His work inspired a number of artists, and started a wave of sculpture creation that, prior to his entrance into the SL art world, did not exist nor was seen as possible.

The other room in this small but very interesting display is dedicated to 2D artists and poets in SL, showcasing a wide variety of works by both, while the outdoor space is completely taken up by 3D sculptures and installations.

Once you walk in though the main door, you will also find a board which, on touching, will give you a folder with landmarks to a number of fascinating art galleries which visitors are encouraged to explore to immerse themselves in SL art.

This installation at SL18B is a really wonderful introduction to SL art for those who are unaware, while people in the art world will relish this exhibition as a celebration of art in SL. It serves as a tribute to all artists in SL who make this world more beautiful with their creativity and imagination. It might also be a source of inspiration to many people, who might decide to focus their imagination and creativity on creating art in SL after a visit here.

Click HERE to visit this incredible exhibition at SL18B which showcases the beauty and diversity of art in SL.

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