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Dixmix Gallery : A Triplet of Exhibitions

Opening its doors for a new season, the Dixmix Gallery houses three exhibitions by Lori Bailey, Catherine Nikolaidis and Caly Applewhyte, which, although differing greatly in the subject matter, are all equally engaging.

Currently open at the Dixmix Gallery are three fascinating exhibits – “Summer Vibes” by Lori Bailey, “Zwartwit” by Catherine Nikolaidis and “Cabaret” by Caly Applewhyte. This triplet of exhibitions marks the beginning of a new season for art at Dixmix Gallery as the summer fades away to make way for the Fall.

The exhibitions are of varying durations, which implies that they will be replaced by a different exhibit at different times, as has been the tradition at Dixmix Gallery. The shortest of the three is “Summer Vibes” by Lori Bailey, an artist who specializes in the art of landscape photography. Landscape photography (along with portraiture) is one of the most common genres of SL photography one can find inworld or on Flickr; hence it takes something truly unique to really catch a visitor’s eye and keep them engaged within the imagery. The fact that Lori’s images do that and so much more is itself proof of the incredible standards she has set with her work.

Lori Bailey – Dixmix Gallery

As we bid adieu to summer and welcome the beauty of the Fall, Lori, through her exhibition, takes a look back at the things which make summer special to us all. Whether it is the sunbathed beaches, the flowering meadows of lavender or the Midnight Sun which is visible in the northern latitudes of the planet, Lori manages to bring each scene alive with her excellent use of lighting and contrast and a touch of post-processing. “Summer Vibes” is a delightful representation of the season that manages to evoke feelings of joy and warmth that summer always brings.

The second exhibition, set in the Amalfia Room of the Dixmix Gallery, is “Zwartwit” by Catherine Nikolaidis. The exhibition title (originally in Dutch) literally translates to black and white and hence, it is no surprise that the portraits and avatar studies Catherine displays here are all in greyscale. A glance at Catherine’s FLICKR page will show you that her portraits (most of them devoid of color) are easily some of the most atmospheric, evocative pieces of SL art you will come across.

Catherine Nikolaidis – Dixmix Gallery

One of the fascinating things I find about Catherine’s exhibit is her wonderful use of camera angles which are able to give the image an extremely candid look. The biggest challenge for anyone dabbling in black and white photography is getting the lighting and contrast just right for the scene. With no vibrant colors to fall back on, other factors such as image composition, lighting and contrast gain an elevated importance. Catherine converts this obstacle into an opportunity by using shadows as an extremely important tool in her work, so much so that they can be considered one of the important protagonists in her images. “Zwartwit” is an exhibition that captivates you and keeps you engaged in Catherine’s Black and White world.

The last exhibit, “Cabaret” by Caly Applewhyte, again focuses on greyscale images, albeit of a different nature. Taking us into the retro world of cabarets and nightclubs, this exhibition depicts scenes which feel like they are straight out of an early to mid-20th Century film. Preferring to use a square format for her images rather than the vertical or horizontal one, Caly delves into the glamorous world of cabaret in this exhibition.

Caly Applewhyte – Dixmix Gallery

Although both are shot in black and white, the exhibits by Caly and Catherine are completely different in their tone, composition and narrative. While Catherine’s images are more focused and zoomed in onto the avatar, which forms the subject matter of the image, Caly prefers to take a broader view and also gives equal importance to elements in the background. Bringing a glitzy, glamorous world to life using only black and white shades is a challenging task by itself and Caly succeeds in it beautifully. The cabaret dancer’s clothes, the mesmerizing backgrounds, and the glamorous performers are depicted by Caly using perfect image composition and framing that complements the image beautifully.

The new season at Dixmix Gallery has started off on a high note with three exciting exhibitions occupying the three rooms and we are of course, looking forward to many such exhibits in the future, highlighting some incredible artists who use Second Life as the medium to create their artwork.


  1. Dixmix Gallery – Madori Bay

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