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Dyrhólaey - The Endless Black Beach

Master sim designer Serene Footman is back with another outstanding build which takes inspiration from the surreal beaches of black sand found in the southern part of Iceland.

For most sim builds, the inspiration for a designer usually comes from a place in the physical world, which has stunned them with its ethereal beauty and surreal atmosphere. Then, they use their imagination to create it in the virtual world using the tools available to them. So was the case with Serene Footman's latest build - Dyrhólaey.

Literally translating to "the arch with the hole", Dyrhólaey is the southernmost tip of Iceland - once a volcanic island which has today created an endless black beach with rocky cliffs towering over it. This place had long been on Serene's list of potential subjects for a build in the virtual world, which he realized today, having found the perfect components and ideas necessary to do the location justice.

While a completely accurate representation of the original black beaches and the nearby landscapes is nearly impossible due to limitations of the virtual world, Serene has managed to perfectly capture the essence of this region of Iceland.

Take, for example, the vast number of birds found all over the region. Seagulls, ravens, sandpipers, cormorants and many other species can be found flying, perched on rocks or waiting near the water to catch fish. Puffins, which have become something of a national symbol in Iceland, can also be found here. Serene has put a good amount of painstaking research to use the right species of birds, which are actually found in Iceland.

One exception to it, as Serene notes in the article on his WEBSITE, is the rooster chickens which can be found in the vicinity of the lighthouse keeper's cottage. They are a tribute to the native Icelandic chicken which is usually found in the area.

The entire region is rich with wildlife of all sorts. Wild ponies gallop along the black sands of the beach while seals and dolphins can also be found close by. The vegetation is quite sparse throughout the region. A number of sheep can be found grazing on the grass near the cottages.

One of the most iconic parts of the build is the majestic columns of Reynisdrangar that Serene has re-created in the virtual world. While this may not be geographically accurate, the cliffs add a grandeur and a sense of otherworldly beauty into the environment of the build.

It is the small details that Serene Footman takes into consideration while building which increase the beauty of his sims. The wrecked plane on the beach, the interiors of the cafe (which are inspired by the works of Icelandic architects), a beautiful waterfall which crashes down into the water, creating a stunning scene - it all blends together to create a region, full of divine beauty.

Photographers will have an amazing time, whether it is spent shooting landscapes of surreal beauty or taking focused images of the hidden details within this build. Another idea is to try out some minimalist photography, for which this location is absolutely made for.

With Dyrhólaey, Serene Footman has proven again that creating a landscape in the virtual world is no less than art. It is a stunning region created with passion and perfection, which can be achieved only after days of hard work.



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