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Eden Gallery - Paradise on a Treetop

Check out this warm, friendly gallery situated high above the Garden of Eden region and which currently houses the work of artist Scylla Rhiadra.

Scylla Rhiadra is an artist I admire and whose art has captivated me ever since my first encounter with it at the ArtCare Gallery last year. Since then, through her later exhibits at the Kondor Art Square and the Onceagain Art Gallery, we have seen her photography develop and take new twists and turns which have left us amazed. I was pleasantly surprised to see her work once more at a new gallery I was invited to visit - the Eden Gallery.

Just like its name, the location of the Eden Gallery is unique. It is perched on a treetop high above the magical region of Garden of Eden. The way to reach the gallery is by climbing a series of ladders up from the base, which brings us to a cozy treehouse high above the region with a spectacular view to behold. This treehouse serves as a magical location for this unqiue art gallery.

The interiors of the gallery are warm and friendly while the small, cozy rooms give you a very homely feeling as you wander through the gallery. Light, shadow and the artistic play between them is evident brilliantly through Scylla's images. Apart from that, strong emotions are put forth through each image along with a narrative that reveals a lot more about them.

Scylla's images in this exhibit make you think and contemplate on a number of things at every turn. Her composition, lighting and the mood she creates in each image is on point. It is the small things and the attention paid to details which makes Scylla a brilliant artist in her own right.

For example, "Connect", an image that hangs prominently in the central room of the gallery, features a boy and a girl looking at each other, connecting with one another only through the gaze of their eyes. But Scylla has gone beyond that... The sunlight shining in through the window glass behind them illuminates or bathes their faces in a dim, romantic glow. The expressions on their faces, indicating a hint of a smile but not quite a complete one, are hard to achieve. The reflection in the glass, the subtle lens flaring due to the sunlight all adds up to facilitate our connection with this image.

Composition plays a huge role in Scylla's work too. In "Mouths", she uses the open doors of adjacent rooms to create a narrative in the image while also using the contrast between the imagery visible through the open doors to direct the viewers' gaze.

The upper level of the gallery currently houses the work of the owner of the Eden Gallery, Adelina (adelinalawrence). However, Adelina tells me that the gallery will soon house guest artists on both its levels.

The Eden Gallery, with its unique location and a homely, cozy ambiance, makes for a lovely addition to the art world of Second Life that we hope will house many more wonderful artists in the time to come.



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