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Electric Owls and the Art of AmandaT Tamatzui

The Janus Galleries at Sinful Retreat opened their doors once again this weekend to two completely different but equally engaging exhibitions.

Over the past month or so, the art world has been slightly dormant with people preferring to spend their time enjoying the gaiety of summers in the physical world rather than in the virtual world. However, with the blooming of August, this has changed. The Janus Galleries, which were inactive during July to make way for the spectacular Sinners & Saints Themed Art Show, are now once again up and running with two new exhibitions which have opened over the weekend.

Electric Owls on My Shoulder by Francis Bagration – The Janus Gallery

The first one – “Electric Owls on My Shoulder” by Francis Bagration at The Janus Gallery – showcases the power of digital art. The selection of artwork here comprises of a wide range between 3D abstract landscape rendering, fractals, graphic design and Op Art, thus showcasing his prowess and ease with digital tools. Francis uses a mix of five different software programs to create his work.

From completely abstract pieces to digitally modified portraits of animals, from abstract rendered landscapes to fractals – Francis is a master of it all. Using the power of colors, he paints visuals that each evoke different feelings in the viewer. Some are likely to give you a sense of calm and peace, while others are meant to give you an adrenaline rush and boost your excitement.

Electric Owls on My Shoulder by Francis Bagration – The Janus Gallery

Apart from his digital work, Francis also gives us a glimpse of his 3D art, some of which consists of simple spheres with rotating textures, while one of the most complex pieces is a gigantic “breakfast” which he serves in the right wing of the gallery. Francis’ art is powerful, engaging and a testament to the power of the digital world.

Something completely different awaits us at Janus Gallery II however and that is the art of RL artist Amanda Tomasoa (AmandaT Tamatzui inworld). Amanda hails from Indonesia. After the political and economic situation in Indonesia crashed with President Suharto’s downfall in 1998, she and her family of three managed to escape to New Zealand to start their lives anew. Since then, Amanda has exhibited in four continents and sold her work to clients in Europe, the USA, NZ, and Asia. The list keeps growing even today.

The Art of AmandaT Tamatzui – Janus Gallery II

Amanda’s display at Janus Gallery II is extremely elegant and detailed. The use of the word “detailed” here is apt here because unlike some exhibits which simply hang the paintings off the walls without offering any information whatsoever, Amanda offers detailed information about each work of art, which helps visitors learn more about that piece and also about art in general.

The first thing which strikes you as you look at Amanda’s art is her effective use of bright colors in her work which provides you with an incredible sense of warmth. The prominent portrayal of strong female figures in her work is a reflection of Amanda’s character itself. I strongly urge visitors to read the notecards that can be obtained by simply clicking on a board below each piece, which says “About the Art“.

The Art of AmandaT Tamatzui – Janus Gallery II

Just as Amanda’s art is beautiful, so are her writings comprehensible and clear. She conveys her messages beautifully across to the reader through these notecards. Some of the writings (in particular Cocooned and Freedom from Within) might even bring you to tears. Femininity, freedom, love, travel and culture are just some of the themes she explores through her art work.

Amanda has returned to the virtual world of Second Life after a long break of five years and we are sure that this display at Janus Gallery II is just a starting point for many more to come in the near future. Having spent a good amount of time at both exhibits, I can say with certainty that a trip to Sinful Retreat this week is one that will be rewarding and inspirational for all art lovers.


  1. Electric Owls on My Shoulder – The Janus Gallery

  2. The Art of AmandaT Tamatzui – Janus Gallery II

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