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Elven Falls : A New Destination for Art Lovers

We visited the Elven Falls Art Collective today and were left amazed by the truly remarkable displays put up by four incredible artists.

When it comes to art, there are few places as dedicated to the promotion of art and artists in SL as the Elven Falls Art Collective. Under the management and ownership of Ant (antoinemambazo) and Aires Hax, Elven Falls has quickly grown from being a simple art gallery to becoming one of the most thriving art hubs in Second Life.

In the past couple of months, the galleries at Elven Falls have featured artwork by some of the most well-known artists in SL such as JudiLynn India, Matt Thomson, Kraven Klees and Sisi Biedermann among others. Perhaps the greatest thing about Elven Falls is the complete freedom provided to artists about which work they wish to exhibit along with the enormous amount of space the two-storied gallery provided to each artist offers.

Lane leading up to the Galleries – Elven Falls Art Collective

The lack of space often makes it impossible for artists to exhibit a large amount of their work in a single location. Hence, at Elven Falls, we can often see some work from artists which they might not have the luxury to exhibit at some other spaces. This month, the galleries at Elven Falls feature artwork by AmandaT Tamatzui, Jamee Thomson, Zia Branner and Tom Prospero. Along with this, there is also a special exhibit by Bif Mopp, an established RL artist who is exhibiting his work in the virtual world for the very first time.

The landing point at Elven Falls is near the coast, from where a lane, lined on either side with smaller, personal galleries of several artists, leads us towards the set of four main galleries in which the artists rotate every month. Watch out for the Art Korner Collection here where a sample of our personal art collection is available for viewing. The art is changed every month and this month’s display features pieces by Gitu Aura, Eli & Ladmilla Medier, Mareea Farrasco, Cybele Moon, Blayze Benoir, Elo Constantine and Alex Riverstone Jr.

AmandaT Tamatzui – Elven Falls Art Collective

The main galleries at Elven Falls are truly majestic with three being at ground level and one being connected by a beam teleport system from the ground. The first gallery I entered housed the artwork of AmandaT Tamatzui for the most part. Even though I have seen her art numerous times in the past since she is also someone I consider a true friend, the vibrancy of colors and the deep emotions her art embodies never ceases to amaze me. However the gallery also houses a small surprise on the upper level, with a section dedicated to the artwork of Bif Mopp, an established artist in RL who is exhibiting for the first time in the virtual world.

Bif Mopp – Elven Falls Art Collective

Bif combines his love of aviation and art together on canvas and is able to convey the breathtaking magic of flight though a history of challenges overcome by hard work and determination. His work, focusing on military aircrafts of all kinds, has received a lot of love and appreciation all over the world with one of his pieces even holding a prominent position at the Pentagon as a personal favorite in the Office of the Air Force Chief of Staff. His paintings of different kinds of aircrafts in various stages of flight are a testament to his absolute love for aviation.

Tom Prospero – Elven Falls Art Collective

The gallery opposite Amanda’s is dedicated to the art of Tom Prospero, a British artist who loves painting in watercolor and acrylics. His landscape views from the English countryside manage to transport us to a completely different world and feel the scent of flowers and the raw smell of nature at its best. Prominent landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, the Bodiam Castle and the Stonehenge also form the subject matter of Tom’s artwork. Tom’s work is refreshing and has the ability to give you an instant mood lift.

The third exhibition in another gallery building of its own is by Jamee Thomson, one of the most diverse SL photographers I am aware of. From scintillating portraits to stunning landscapes, Jamee’s artistic eye captures it all; the lighting, the contrast and the balance in her photography is simply amazing. The extra attention paid to every detail really makes a world of difference. Jamee’s subjects vary widely from mesmerizing countryside scenes to rich portraits of cats and birds. For beginners to SL photography who wish to improve their craft, Jamee’s work and her unique style can be an extensive study by itself.

Zia Branner – Elven Falls Art Collective

Zia Branner’s artwork is located in a gallery right above Jamee’s and can be easily accessed using a beam teleport located near the entrance to Jamee’s gallery building. Zia is an artist we have interviewed in depth before on Art Korner (see the article HERE) and one we admire a lot. I have seen some of Zia’s work at a number of locations inworld before but the enormity of this space enabled her to air the dust off some older pieces and hang them back on walls where they absolutely belong. Along with these, Zia has a brand new piece premiering in the virtual world for the first time. Titled “MAD’OUX”, this exquisite piece of abstract art adorns a section of one of the walls in the upper level of the gallery.

Apart from the galleries, Elven Falls also has some incredible homes, very reasonably priced at L$200/week with 200 prims allotted for each house. feel free to contact the incredibly friendly owners Aires Hax and Ant (antoinemamboza) for more information on anything regarding Elven Falls.

With the high quality of art that is displayed here and the overwhelming love and support the Elven Falls Art Collective has received from the art community, there is no doubt that this place will soon become a thriving community of residents all bound tightly together by one simple thing – their never-ending love for good art.


  1. Elven Falls Art Collective Elven Falls

Opening Sunday September 19th at 9 am SLT with live music by Dexter Swansen

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