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“Red Alert” by Carelyna at the IMAGO Art Gallery

Through the use of a color that signifies danger, Carelyna effectively delivers a subtle but strong message about the need to act against climate change and global warming.

On February 26th, 2021, a report by the United Nations found that even with increased efforts by some countries to limit climate change, the combined impact is still falling short of what is needed. This led to Secretary-General António Guterres declaring 2021 to be a make-or-break year to confront the global climate emergency and considered this to be a “red alert” for us.

Carelyna draws upon the title and uses red effectively to drive her point home

Carelyna’s exhibit takes inspiration from this and delivers the message subtly through the medium of art in a virtual landscape. She draws upon the title and uses red to drive her point home. Red is the color of fire and blood and has historically symbolized danger. Being one of the most visible colors in the color spectrum, red has been used in places to draw attention. Carelyna uses it effectively to draw the viewer’s attention to her art and to the important message it seeks to convey.

At the center : the titular painting “Red Alert”

The titular painting “Red Alert” depicts the Earth and its surrounding atmosphere covered in bright shades of red, symbolizing rising temperatures and global warming which pose a grave threat to humanity and to the whole planet. The remarkable art works within this exhibit depict the devastating effects of climate change and appeal to the viewer’s conscience.

Each painting makes use of red and its different shades and hues to converse with the viewer

Solar Tragedy outlines the rising temperatures on planet Earth whereas Burning Forest explores the link between global warming and the devastating wildfires in Australia and California last year. In this breathtaking display of 13 spectacular artworks, Carelyna touches upon several topics such as rising water levels, human greed, drought and the debate about climate change.

Each painting makes use of red and its different shades to successfully converse with the viewer. “Red Alert” is also a visually pleasing exhibit as the various shades of red come through brightly and effectively in the dark ambience of the gallery. These are some of the finest works of art you will come across with an important message hidden within.

“Red Alert by Carelyna is showcased at the IMAGO Art Gallery and is open for viewing. Click HERE to visit this exhibit.

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