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Enter the Grauland Art Island and Gallery!

Sim designer Jim Garand has created an incredible artistic destination with numerous sculptures and installations, along with an elegant, artistic gallery showcasing the work of Andrew Harlan.

Jim Garand, an extremely creative sim designer, has created another amazing build at his region of Grauland, this one being completely devoted to art and photography. The Grauland Art Island and Gallery differs from other builds by Jim in that this one will be open for a much longer time than the rest.

Every month, the gallery on this island will feature the work of a different artist. The first artist for the month of September is Andrew Harlan, a photographer whose landscapes and somewhat minimalist work is something which one can admire. The wooden figure present in his images has become sort of a trademark of his work and injects a touch of humor into his work.

The gallery is, however, only a small part of the build. Jim has traditionally shown a love for mazes, sculptures and patterns in his work and in the Grauland Art island, all these qualities can be seen executed within the build with a practiced ease.

The landing point is on a small pier, jutting out into the sea. From here, one needs to climb a long set of staircases to reach the top of a steep cliff, where for the first time, one is treated to their first glimpse of Grauland. Grauland is a place full of mazes, twists and turns and Jim Garand has even created a really fun vertical maze using cubes and staircases at one point.

There is a cafe on the gallery terrace, where one can relax or go on a quiet date as they enjoy the snacks and drinks on offer while taking in the beautiful view of the region. Behind the gallery is a beautiful beach which contrasts the blue color of the water, making it a photograph-worthy destination.

The many sculptures and innovative structures on the the region by fascinating creators, some well-known and others a pleasant discovery, also leave the sim with a very artistic, surreal atmosphere. There is graffiti on the walls, some great art created by arranging cubes together and a virtual representation of the Stonehenge upon one of the cliffs.

The Grauland Art Island and Gallery is an incredible place to explore with your friends, partners or even just for taking some wonderful photographs. In the coming months, the gallery here will be featuring the art of Amy Dragona, Adi McGregor and Mihailsk. We look forward to these exhibitions and whatever else Jim has planned for this amazing place in the future.



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