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Eupalinos Ugajin : There is a Hole in My Inventory

Explore an awe-inspiring installation by Eupalinos Ugajin that has been completely constructed by using things from his own inventory.

Located high above the region of Ouvroir is a fascinating installation by visionary artist Eupalinos Ugajin that goes by a quirky name – “There is a Hole in My Inventory“. This is a semi-permanent installation that is changed and updated by Eupalinos from time to time. Sometimes the changes are just small details here and there whereas once in a while it is something significantly bigger. My visit comes after a small series of updates made by Eupalinos to his build.

The landing point for the region is set near the ground level. To reach the actual installation, we need to locate the Teleporter (located to the right as you face the path leading up). It can be spotted by the presence of a cow right over it. This teleporter will take you to any of several smaller builds within this larger region-wide installation in the sky. Piscine, Altar, BHV, Cats, Christmas, Floating Islands are just some of them. There are a total of eleven smaller builds within the larger installation. All of them are located around a gigantic hole in between.

A small arrow in the popup options indicates that Piscine is possibly the first place one should begin their journey at. While some of the sculptures and builds used in creating this magnificent installation are Eupalinos’ own creations, a large portion of this build is created using things in his inventory he has collected over the years from some of the most incredible 3D artists in SL. Creations of Bryn Oh, Cica Ghost, Stabitha, Giovanna Cerise along with most prominent artists in SL feature within this installation.

Each mini-build within this larger installation has its own unique characteristics. The entire installation has a sort of surreal, steampunk look about it. As is the case with many of Eupalinos’ installations, “There is a Hole in My Inventory” is extremely interactive as well. Poses, props, particles, animations and experiences are abound in this place. Take, for example, the waiting room at the Plant which makes you wait for a certain amount of time before letting you in; or the box at BHV which comes with a “Please do not Touch” warning that you are most likely gonna ignore.

There is never a dull moment while exploring this fascinating build. One of the most important things to remember as you embark on this journey is to ensure that you are using Shared Environment and a large draw distance to get the best possible experience. As you hop around from build to build, I’m sure you won’t be able to resist taking at least a few pictures here and there.

Some installations need to be experienced and felt rather than seen; and this is definitely one of them. “There is a hole in my inventory” is a build that is adventurous, exciting and gives us the perfect dose of the craziness we absolutely need in our lives. You may try to find a deeper meaning behind it all, but for me personally, this build is all about just letting go and experiencing what might be one of the most interesting journeys of your Second Life adventures.

Visit this incredibly engaging installation by Eupalinos Ugajin, who has managed to create something truly amazing by simply reaching into his inventory. You will definitely have some real fun here!


  1. There is a Hole in Your Inventory – Ouvrior

Tip : At the landing point, look for the TP with a cow above it to visit the installation

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