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EWEN - A Spooky Tale Transformed into an Amazing Installation

London Junkers' new installation at the United Artists of SL brings a haunted tale from Scotland into the virtual world through an incredible art installation.

Each culture in the world has its own set of folklore - legends, myths and fairytales, which embody the specific wisdom of that particular region. Artist London Junkers has created a new art installation at the United Artists of SL in Second Life which brings a tale from Scottish folklore to the virtual world.

Visitors can read the entire story within the installation itself by clicking on an open book, which gives them a HUD. They can ADD the HUD to their screen and read this riveting tale in London's own words.

The tale revolves around Ewen Maclaine of Lochbuy, a Count who was engaged in a quarrel with a neighboring chief. He had a great desire to end this eternal feud but after a great battle with the neighboring chief, he was killed. It is said that even today, his ghost is frequently seen riding the very horse which he was riding during death.

The story of a headless horseman is common in many cultures throughout the world and there have been reports of such sightings in many places around the world. The tale of Ewen is one such folk tale from the Scottish Highlands designed to put fear into the heart of anyone wandering the moors late at night.

From the landing point, a long, dark cave-like passage leads to the main installation area. A sculpture of the headless horseman, EWEN, dominates the room, bathed in moonlight. Bats flit about while ghostly specters lurk in corners, giving the entire installation a very spooky vibe perfect for the current mood of the season.

The story of Ewen is essentially a ghost story and the way London Junkers has created the mood and the ambiance within this installation is truly incredible. Among the many other Halloween builds which are up all around the build, this one stands out because of its narrative structure and the creativity of the artist.

This isn't a build which is intended to give you jump scares; the focus, in this case, is more on atmosphere creation and depicting the written tale in a visually stunning format. "Ewen" by London Junkers is also an amazing place to click Halloween pictures with your friends or with your special someone.

So come and explore this haunted tale from Scotland that will make you think twice before wandering the countryside at night ... lest the headless horseman get you!



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