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Exhalt : A Wonderland with an Asian Touch

Forgotten monasteries, hidden caves and mythical creatures – all in this scenic region with a distinctive Asian influence.

I am always interested in exploring regions which have have incorporated the rich culture of Asia into their design. Personally, I love the traditional architecture of monasteries and Asian buildings. The sense of peace and calm one gets while touring such lands is something really unique. Exhalt, which occupies the full region of Caligula, happens to be one such interesting place that will surely fascinate you.

Exhalt is an explorer’s paradise. One can easily spend a couple of hours roaming around this incredible place and still keep finding new things. The Asian influence is clearly seen throughout the region, be it in the traditional buildings, the tranquil monasteries or in the Buddha sculptures found all over.

The region also adds a touch of fantasy to the mix with an impressive flying whale island in the sky. The dragon, which plays a very important role in Chinese culture, finds a prominent place among the sculptures at Exhalt. A walk around here is adventurous, exciting and full of surprises. There were quite a few moments during my explorations when I felt I had seen everything Exhalt had to offer but suddenly found myself in a completely new location the very next minute.

There exists a raging debate on whether there is a divide between nature and culture and whether the two entities function separately from one another, or if they are in a continuous biotic relationship with each other. Here at Exhalt, one can see nothing but a perfectly peaceful blend of nature and culture that works wonders.

Exhalt is rich in its biodiversity as well. Here, one can encounter several creatures, some of which exist in the physical world while others are the stuff of legends. So don’t be surprised if you come across a live dragon as well! Apart from this you will find many animals here which are native to the Asian continent like elephants and tigers.

Some of the most exciting walks in Exhalt come from climbing up the various hills you can see around the region. While walking along the numerous routes, you will come across steps running up the side of the mountain. Follow these steps to visit some really breathtaking places. Some of these paths are even covered by a dense fog which adds to the thrill.

I particularly enjoyed the music streaming at Exhalt. The characteristic Asian tunes evoke a sense of peace and sometimes, even a hint of mystery. You can just sit at one of the hilltop monasteries enjoying a view of the scenic valleys stretching out before you while listening to these tunes. You will feel all your stress and fatigue slowly flowing out of your body and replaced by a really positive mood.

Exhalt is probably one of the most diverse regions I have visited in a long time. Almost anyone will enjoy their journey here. Explorers will lose track of time while walking the pathways, couples can find innumerable secluded spots to spend some romantic moments with their partners while for photographers, this place is just loaded with photo opportunities.

Sim designer Lyndy Lockwood has created a true marvel – a memorable destination which will leave an imprint on your mind long after you leave. Near the landing point of Exhalt which is at the docks, you can click the map on the wall to obtain a TP Hud which will teleport you directly to some of the most important locations in Exhalt. However, to me, the journey is always more exciting than the destination. So I preferred to discover all of them on my own.

Apart from what you see on the ground, Exhalt also has two other levels. Both these levels can be accessed by accepting experiences at different points on the ground. One of the levels, which Lyndy calls the “Field of Dreams” , is situated on a floating island above the region. It is a beautiful place to take a stroll through with your partner. “Dark Tokyo” forms the second level; situated in a skybox, this is a BDSM-themed adult playground.

The sculptures used in Exhalt really grabbed my attention. The various statues of Lord Buddha, the numerous forms of the Chinese dragon as well as some modern works add to the beauty of this region.

Considering the detailed and complex sim design, it is not surprising that it took designer Lyndy Lockwood over six months to bring Exhalt into the form we see today. It is a place which speaks to your soul; a place where Asian culture merges with elements of fantasy to create something truly incredible and rewarding.

Click HERE to visit Exhalt, Caligula today and be mesmerized by its phenomenal beauty.

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