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Exoplanet : One Step Further with Gem Preiz

Gem Preiz is back with another build at the Akipelago which combines his 3D art with fractals, this time taking us into a futuristic base in outer space.

Gem Preiz is an artist who uses his fractals along with 3D art to create immersive installations, which take visitors on an incredible journey. After the huge success of his Borderless project, Gem has come up with a new series, “Exoplanet” of which the first part is now set up and ready for viewing at Akikaze, which is a part of the Akipelago, the set of regions owned by Akiko Kinoshi, a strong supporter of arts and creativity in the virtual world.

Part One of this series, titled “One Step Further” is set in a futuristic sci-fi environment, reminiscent of Star Trek and many movies/TV series in the same genre. A majority of the build is set inside a glass dome-like structure, with some solar panels and radio antennas being the only things outside this structure.

The installation is quite large and while it is definitely fun to explore it on foot (light-dot pathways and signs guide visitors towards the different locations), a Teleport HUD is available at the landing point, which allows you to transport to 15 major destinations in this ultra-futuristic build of a city in outer space, which presumably runs completely on solar energy. This makes one wonder if we are looking at our own future after the sources of fuel run out and the water dries up, leaving us with solar energy as one of the only remaining viable options to power our cities.

Recommended Settings:

  1. Graphics : Ultra with advance lighting model. (a lower graphics setting will work, but some skies might be spoiled with poorly defined suns or moons)

  2. Windlight : Use Shared Environment. Upon arrival, you are provided with a Windlight HUD to add, which enables you to choose 30 different skies as you tour the base.

  3. Distance : 256-512m. Maximum possible is better, depending on your PC performances (more than 500 m is needed if you want a complete view of the Dome with surrounding landscape, especially when zooming outside)

What to See?

As always, Gem’s installation is a mixture of his 3D work and his fractal imagery. Within this build, he has incorporated 18 fractals, all of which are housed in a classical exhibition format on the various levels of the White Tower. The fractals can also be enjoyed on a massive 80 m x 40 m screen which changes every 90 seconds and can be seen from almost anywhere within the dome. A quick tip Gem gives in his introductory notecard is to derender the screen once you are done with it, so that you are able to enjoy the complete view of the dome.

Using the Teleport HUD at the landing point, one can teleport instantly to any location in this futuristic city. Whether it is Gem’s fractal exhibition in the Tower, dwellings within the city, the shuttles hangar with three active shuttles, arcades with industrial equipment or greenhouses, the entire build is rich in detail and it is definitely a mesmerizing experience to wander through this incredible location.

We can also see that this city is very much full of life and populated. A total of 43 crew members can be found spread out over this futuristic base, engaged in various jobs. You can also cross one of the two “exit” doors to travel outside the dome. Solar cells and radio telescopes can be found here (mainly off-sim).

About the Exoplanet Project

The Exoplanet project extends beyond the scope of this build. This build is merely the first part of two, which Gem has planned. While this one is focused on a futuristic base on an unknown planet, the second part will be opening later this year, and will lead visitors further into space.

In the introductory notecard, Gem explains:

The purpose of the combined mixture of fractals and 3D interactive build, is to make them resonate : the space base offers an immersive 3D experience, even if it is in a simplistic environment, while the fractal images show a complexity impossible to reproduce in 3D."

As with most of Gem’s builds, “Exoplanet – One Step Further” does not rely on meshes or textures to reproduce reality (except for the crew members), but instead chooses to use simple prims with their SL attributes (bumpiness, shininess, alpha etc.).


Exoplanet – One Step Further” is an immersive 3D environment and to get the compelte experience while visiting the installation, Gem requests visitors to tune into the powerful spatial music available on the following URL:

We hope you have a wonderful experience visiting this immersive installation, just as we did. The ultra-futuristic environment also creates a number of unique photography opportunities. This is another brilliancy by Gem Preiz – an installation you don’t want to miss!


  1. Exoplanet – Akikaze

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