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Explore a Garden by Cica Ghost!

This outstanding build by 3D artist Cica Ghost in Second Life immerses you within a magical, fantasy-filled version of the miniature world of bugs and insects found within any garden or lawn in the physical world!

Whenever I hear or read about a new build by Cica Ghost, visiting it and enjoying its beauty goes right at the top of my list of things to do. Her builds are especially intriguing because, while they have an inherently similar style and nature, the scenes and characters in each build vastly differs.

Garden by Cica Ghost takes us into the microscopic universe of insects, caterpillars and the tiny creatures which usually inhabit our very own backyard in the physical world. While the world we see in this magnificent build is a fantasized visualization of a garden or a lawn in the physical world, the base upon which Cica has built it is something that is very familiar to us.

Much like any of Cica's previous builds, the EEP settings of the region are a part of Cica's work and hence, seeing the build using your own personal setting might not do complete justice to the art. It is also highly advised to have Advanced Lighting Model enabled with Shadows set to Sun/Moon + Projector.

A large part of this region-wide build is covered in grass, which might feel like elephant grass at first but soon, you come to realize that it isn't the grass which is large, it is you who have been reduced to a tiny size. Yes, the whole experience of wandering through this build feels like living within the 1989 comedy - Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

Many of the tiny creatures that crawl around in the foliage of a garden can be seen here including ants, caterpillars, butterflies and snails. There are also plenty of quirky, funny dances to keep you entertained on your journey through this beautiful installation.

The small scenes and narratives she creates through the placement of different characters in the build are truly realistic with a touch of humor and magic which only she is capable of delivering. Ants climbing on each other's heads to reach a higher elevation, a butterfly flapping its wings and three cats eyeing a nervous caterpillar are just some of the intriguing scenes found here.

Here are a some more glimpses of this exciting new build by Cica Ghost:

Garden by Cica Ghost is an entertaining, interactive build which is fun to explore with a group of friends, with your partner or even by yourself. Get going and enjoy your time there!



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