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Explore Landscape Photography at the new Kondor Art Garden

Two masters of landscape photography – Lam Erin and Lori Bailey – display some stunning landscape shots, thus showing the mesmerizing beauty of the virtual world through pictures at the Kondor Art Garden.

Landscapes in a landscape? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what you will get at the Kondor Art Garden this week. Landscape photography is perhaps one of the most underrated genres in SL; however only when you start doing it yourself, do you realize the complexities involved and the large number of factors one needs to consider while taking a good landscape shot.

Lam Erin and Lori Bailey shoot some of the most incredible landscapes you will find in the world of Second Life and that is exactly what they have on display in their latest exhibition at the Kondor Art Garden. The garden itself, in its new format, is a landscape which complements the images beautifully.

Masters of Landscape Photography” by Lori Bailey and Lam Erin – Kondor Art Garden

Designed by Naru Darkwatch (naru.darkwatch), who is a fascinating builder, the garden extends on both sides of the central “square” of sorts. Each side is taken up by an artist and a beautiful walk takes us along the side of a pond and past each piece of landscape art, which we can leisurely take in at our own place. Along the walk, there are also a couple of spots where one can sit down by the side of the pond for a short break or even a date with their partner!

Landscape shots are meant to capture the essence of a place and perhaps also some of the artist’s emotions while they were looking at the scene before them; and Lori and Lam both excel at transporting the viewer to the actual location depicted in their shots and making them feel a plethora of emotions.

Lam Erin – Kondor Art Garden

Lam Erin is a fantastic artist whose set of works are diverse, thus displaying his versatility and ease at treating subjects in a completely different manner. In some of the images, Lam blows up the saturation and warmth to create the effect of a beautiful heavenly sunset with a golden glow washing over the ocean waters, while in some, he completely drains the color away to create a pensive mood through the image. Whether he is depicting the chill of winter or the warmth of sunlight, Lam Erin has treated each image individually and molded it till perfection.

Lori’s images take up the other side of the garden and are more themed as compared to Lam. One of the things noticeable throughout the images is the beautiful use of water, most of the times in its flowing liquid form, while a couple of times also in frozen form (Childhood Memories of Winter).

Lori Bailey – Kondor Art Garden

With Naru Darwatch’s garden serving as the quaint dark surroundings for this incredible exhibition, showcasing the beauty of the virtual world through pictures, the display at Kondor Art Garden is one that will surely engage your mind and your senses as you stroll along the banks of the tranquil pond, taking in the series of landscapes before you.


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