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Explore the new Cloud Galleries at Corsica South Coasters

Ten artists exhibit their artwork at the newly constructed Cloud Galleries at Novatron in a scenic, peaceful, tranquil setting that makes for a pleasant visit.

The Corsica South Coasters community has always been a great support of art in all its forms. The NovaOwl Gallery and the NovaOwl Sky Gallery have already hosted the work of some incredible artists and continue to do so. The Cloud Galleries, situated high above the region of Novatron, are the latest addition to the community - one that warrants the attention of any art lover.

While earlier galleries at this region have hosted only solo exhibitions, the Cloud Galleries feature the collective work of many different artists working in different media. Each of the ten artists exhibiting here has been allotted a gallery space in which they can show their work in the manner they wish to.

Elan, Michiel Bechir, Anna Maria, Prins, Suzen Juel, Paula Sieberi, Kayly Iali, Jaminda Moon, Raisa Reimse and Owl Dragonash are the artists who occupy the galleries at the time of this post. While some of them are artists who bring their work from the physical world to Second Life, there are others who use the virtual universe as the sole medium for creation. It is truly a dynamic, mixed bag, thus making the viewing of the galleries a much more exciting experience.

As you land at the Cloud Galleries, you will be engulfed by a feeling of peace and serenity. Soft music floats into the ears, lush green grass dominates the landscape, dotted by beautifully colored flowers. Red, blue, white, yellow - flowers of all colors can be found in this tranquil setting.

The Buddha statues, framed beautifully in the arch of the Cherry trees, further enhance the beauty of the space. Some outdoor setting can also be found here, where one can enjoy some Chardonnay with their date or partner in this rather romantic atmosphere. Yes, the Cloud Galleries are also a great place to go on a date!

Owl Dragonash, who is an artist and the curator of the gallery, has created an undeniably scenic location for art lovers to come, relax and enjoy the variety of art on display here. We are excited to see what the future holds for the Cloud Galleries. Till then, make sure you visit and take in the beauty of this place and the creativity of the incredible artists it hosts.


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