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Explore the Newly Renovated Michiel Bechir Gallery!

Reisa Reimse, Vanessa Jane and Scylla Rhiadra exhibit their work in a trio of exhibitions at the Michiel Bechir Gallery, featuring an elegant new design by Maggie Runo.

Artist Michiel Bechir is one of the most proficient explorers and photographers in Second Life. His Flickr feed happens to be a great place to discover some new destinations to explore around the grid. At the Michiel Bechir Gallery, every month he invites three artists to display their work and has stuck to this practice since a long time.

The past week has seen three exhibitions open here by artists whose vastly different individual styles complement each other beautifully. Another thing which is special about this week is the fresh, new design of the gallery by Maggie Runo, who has done a fantastic job with the interiors and exteriors, giving visitors a warm, friendly feeling.

Two of the exhibitions are at the ground level in rooms facing each other , while another is on the upper level, which can be accessed by a set of stairs next to the reception desk. Reisa Reimse and Vanessa Jane have their exhibitions on the ground floor while artist Scylla Rhiadra takes up the upper level of the gallery.

Landscapes are a specialty of Vanessa Jane and the way she composes her image enhances the viewing experience, guiding the viewers' gaze beautifully across the frame, letting them get a feel of the environment in the actual location. Grassy meadows, a deserted boat, fairytale castles and even some black and white images can be seen amongst her work.

In the room opposite Vanessa is an exhibition by Reisa Reimse, whose work I have not encountered before in my explorations. While she exhibits many images in different styles, my personal favorites are her minimalist pieces, where the focus of the image becomes a bird or an object, the landscape in the background complementing it.

Scylla's art, which is hosted in the room on the upper level, consists of ten pieces of her past work, which revolves around the use of shadows in photography. Throughout her photographic career, shadows have played a very important part. It is remarkable to witness the intense play between light and darkness in her work. As Scylla says in the introduction to her exhibit, shadow is the shape of our desire and this can be seen in her incredible work.

The newly renovated Michiel Bechir Gallery is elegant, modern and exudes a warmth and friendliness that makes one feel welcome. The art of Reisa Reimse, Vanessa Jane and Scylla Rhiadra currently adorns its walls and gives it a personality of its own. Make sure you visit this gallery and enjoy all three exhibitions!



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