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Exploring the Brand New Kondor Art Square

A new space at the Kondor Art Center featuring an open-air exhibition, an art collection and a book store is something you definitely should not miss.

A few weeks ago, when Hermes Kondor told me he was going to open a new location soon, I was pretty excited about it, because every project that Hermes undertakes is something he puts his heart and soul into. His latest project, the Kondor Art Square, is a unique concept and unlike any of the other spaces dedicated to art at the Kondor Art Center.

Modelled perhaps on one of the many beautiful squares in Europe, the Kondor Art Square is an open air exhibition space with the Kondor Book Store and the Kondor Art Collection taking up its two ends. With the opening of this new location, the Kondor Art Center now has a total of eight spaces dedicated to art which are open to the public.

The opening exhibition for this space is by Sugah Pancake – someone who blends art with blogging to create spectacular and compelling visuals. Each of her highly detailed and colorful images displayed at the Kondor Art Square have a unique story to tell. The pictures are beautiful in their composition and lighting. The effort taken by Sugah while clicking it as well as in post-processing is evident. By viewing her spectacular artwork we can see why she is happens to be in the league of few elite bloggers who have more than 10K followers on Flickr. Visit her Flickr Page HERE

Kondor Art Books – Kondor Art Square

If you have visited any of Hermes’ exhibitions previously, you would have surely seen and perhaps even bought some of his books which contain complete photo essays of his works. These books comprise of the entire collection of his works related to that particular project including even those photographs which were not exhibited inworld due to space or other constraints. You will be able to find all these books in a small book store at one end of the Kondor Art Square.

Visitors can browse through these books and even buy them if they wish to. They are perfect for use as coffee table books and contain photo essays of several of Hermes’ exhibitions over the past few months in his gallery or at other galleries across the grid.

The Kondor Art Collection – Kondor Art Square

The second important building is located at the other end of the square and displays Hermes Kondor’s personal art collection which he has acquired from a number of artists across the grid. Some of the pieces are from exhibitions displayed at the Kondor Art Center, whereas others are from various places around the grid.

The Kondor Art Collection showcases the works of a total of 27 different artists and includes a wide range of artworks including RL art, SL photography, digital art and even some 3D sculptures. I am sure Hermes will be changing around some of the artwork displayed here and including new acquisitions as part of his collection thus keeping the Kondor Art Collection a lively place where visitors are greeted to something new each time.

The center of the square is dominated by a beautiful fountain with golden dolphins jumping in its water. There are a number of tables for sitting around this fountain, crafted by master sculptor Artemis Greece.

The Kondor Art Square is a great addition to the Kondor Art Center. It is a unique space unlike any other which will always be a treat to visit for all art lovers. This is a place that will surely inspire creativity in both beginners and experts alike.

Click HERE to visit the Kondor Art Square and be mesmerized by this brand new space dedicated to art and photography.

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