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Exploring Grungy, Urban Scenes at Quoted Memories

Quoted Memories is a unique region with a grungy, urban theme, made especially for photographers, with a number of backdrops and photo scenes embedded into the scenery.

The remodeling of Quoted Memories by Elfi Siemens, which was underway for a while, is now completed and the new build is open to public. While we have covered Elfi Siemens as an artist on this blog before, I was completely unaware (and pleasantly surprised) by how good of a sim designer she is too!

Those who have visited the previous edition of this build will definitely find some similarities in tone and scenery, but also tons of buildings and parts which were not in the previous version. I personally had not been to Quoted Memories before, so this was a first-time experience for me to visit a region designed by Elfi, whose artistic abilities I already admire.

Right at the landing point, Elfi sets down the tone of the region beautifully - grungy, urban and dark. This is a place designed specifically for photographers.

One key difference between Quoted Memories and other regions with the same theme is the use of backdrops. Elfi has used many backdrops from her own personal collection throughout the entire build. All around the city and underground there are doors or gates you can open to find one of the many hidden photo backdrops from Elfi's collection, which are free to use for everyone.

The landing point is inside a gallery building which displays permanently installed backdrops, skybox sceneries and decorated apartments, with the option to directly teleport to each scene within the region. Except the skyboxes, everything is accessible on foot and it is highly recommended you do so as there is much more to see in the region than can be seen by use of teleports.

For rezzing permissions, photographers can join the Quoted Memories group at the landing point for a reasonable fee of L$300, which is mainly to avoid griefers and help towards the running costs of such a wonderful region.

We hope you enjoy your journey through Quoted Memories while snapping some wonderful photographs and making memories of your own.


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