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The Falling Leaves : Fly’s Last Bow

In her last exhibition for an undetermined amount of time, Fly Kugin presents a series of watercolors at Janus Gallery III focusing on the flora that makes our world even more beautiful.

Fly Kugin is a person of many talents. Apart from her soulful violin performances which audiences have enjoyed in SL for a long time, Fly also uses the medium of art as a creative outlet both in RL and SL. As she says in the introduction to this exhibition, she started experimenting with watercolors in June and felt immediately attracted to them due to their versatility.

The Falling Leaves” is her first watercolor series which she has chosen to display at Janus Gallery III for the benefit of all art lovers. In this series, she explores the medium of watercolors as a beginner to it through nine beautifully done pieces, mostly depicting various species of flowering and non-flowering plants.

Looking at her images, I was reminded of some work I had seen by one of the finest botany illustrators of all time – Pierre-Joseph Redouté. Redouté was a Flemish artist and botanist renowned for his exquisite watercolor paintings of lilies, roses, and other native plant species. The attention to detail which he was known for is seen in Fly’s work as well.

Although in her intro Fly refers to herself as an amateur, her work hardly reflects it. When it comes to botanical illustrations, one of the tough parts is getting the proportions right. If you get those wrong, what you are left with is an unnaturally large leaf or a misshapen flower. However the watercolors Fly presents are nothing short of exquisite. The simplicity of the works is what draws the viewer in and makes us appreciate every small detail in the image.

But there is a strong underlying message that Fly delivers here. As we all know, the recent wildfires in Turkey were devastating and caused massive damage to the country’s natural ecosystem. A large number of green areas vanished due to this natural calamity. “The Falling Leaves“, along with being a nod to autumn, is also an exhibition dedicated to the loss incurred by Fly’s home country. It is a message for us to live in harmony with nature and take care of it, just as it takes care of us.

Along with the excitement, there is also a palpable sadness in the air, which is quite natural since this is the last show of Fly Kugin in Second Life. Being an entertainer and an artist who has amazed audiences all over this virtual universe, it is not easy for anyone when such a talented individual has to step away from this world to make time for things in the physical world. But reality can strike at any time and in a way, this only makes her work in SL even more special.

We wish Fly Kugin the very best in her future endeavors and hope all her dreams and ambitions in the physical world come true. The beautiful notes coming from her violin and the strokes of her paint brush will remain in our memories forever.


  1. Janus Gallery III – Sinful Retreat

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