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Featured Artist - Monique Beebe

Artist Monique Beebe talks about her journey into the world of SL photography, photographers who inspire her and much more in this interview with us.

How did your journey into SL photography start?

I am in Second Life since 2007. I started photography in SL around 5 years ago. Gradually, I started liking it more and more. Now, photography in SL is the primary reason I love being in Second Life. There goes not a day by without capturing some photographs not just for exhibitions but also profile pictures and my Flickr/Facebook feed.

Portraits have more or less developed as your specialization. Was this by design or purely the way things happened? Will it always be this way or do you perhaps see a change sometime?

Creating portraits just happened very naturally. It turned out it was something I liked to do and it became a challenge to put emotion into the faces. It was not always like this. I have had different exhibitions in the past; and I think my next exhibition will be totally different again. But portraits will always be seen in my Flickr.

What kind of process do you follow while creating an image from ideation all the way to execution?

There is never an idea behind my pictures. I just start making pictures. And I make lots of pictures. I sort them till I have one left that I really like and I work on them in photoshop or in different apps. I never know beforehand how it will look in the end. I am probably my worst critic, because I keep working on them till I'm satisfied with what I have created.

Do you have an art/photography background in RL?

I have a background in graphic design. But I create photographs in SL and in RL.

How do you post process your images? Which software do you usually use?

I work mostly in photoshop, but I use also apps on my phone like Photoshop Express, Lightleap, Distressed FX.

Where do you find inspiration for your work? Name some favorite artists of yours (from SL and RL)

My inspiration comes from making pics and pics and more pics, but I have some favorite RL photographers like Lee Jeffries, Erwin Olaf, Richard Avedon and Man Ray.

What do you usually do when you are feeling uninspired in order to break from the spell?

I just let it pass and go do other things in Second Life and think tomorrow is another day.

Monique Beebe is exhibiting her exhibition - "Still Waters Run Deep" at the Art Korner Main Gallery. We invite you to visit and explore her deep portraits.



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