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Fighting Women - The Art of Deborakaz

Check out this incredible installation by artist Deborakaz at the Nitroglobus Gallery, which focuses on the violence committed against women by other women.

Many art exhibitions and installations have been made about violence against women both in Second Life and in the physical world. Most of these installations have focused on violence inflicted by men on women, rarely touching upon the issue of violence against women practiced by other women.

Violence against women does not mean only physical violence. It is much broader and includes sexual, emotional, psychological and financial abuse. Why is there no real unity present amongst women to fight against the violence that is directed at them? This is the question Deborakaz seeks to unravel the answers to in her latest exhibition - "Invisible Cities - Fighting Women" in the main hall of the Nitroglobus Gallery.

One thing you will notice predominantly in the exhibition space is the predominance of a hot pink color throughout the exhibition, which comprises of both 2D artworks and 3D sculptures created by Deborakaz.

The pink color is representative of two things - the struggle of millions of women across the world who have to deal with the violence inflicted against them and the strength of women around the world. Along with this, Deborakaz brings together a mix of colors in a chaotic and seemingly unorganized manner to represent female emotions and the internal conflicts.

Sixteen pieces of 2D art adorn the walls of the Nitroglobus Gallery while the floor is largely occupied by six sculptures created by Deborakaz for this exhibition. Debora has experimented with the language of wireframes, the lines, the structures and the voids they provide for almost nine years now and she has perfected the art of working with them in Second Life.

Working with wireframes is like revealing something that hides inside our external structures, our feelings, emotions and maybe reflects on some subjects. In the case o this exhibition, the almost chaotic wireframes which are present in the composition of the works give them an imaginary physical space.

"Invisible Cities - Fighting Women" attempts to show the pain and difficulty of being a woman in a world where women historically were portrayed as objects of desire. This, according to Debora, induced a rivalry which resulted in women not having any real unity to fight against the violence being directed at them.

Adwehe's light fountains, the reflective flooring at Nitroglobus Gallery and Debora's fascinating presentation of her work adds heavily to the visitor experience. This, along with the high quality of work presented, makes a trip to the Nitroglobus Gallery something that should be on any art lover's list.



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