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Filthy Fluno : The Return of an Art Legend

Filthy Fluno, an artist whose name was once synonymous with art in SL, has returned after eight years once again with an incredible display at The Janus Gallery.

Very few artists who exhibit their works in Second Life have had their work featured in leading magazines and newspapers in the physical world. However, today, let me introduce you to an artist who has not just garnered praise and appreciation of many patrons in the virtual world but has also been extensively featured by The New York Times Magazine in 2009 in an article titled “Portrait of an Artist as an Avatar” (read HERE).

Filthy Fluno, known as Jeffrey Lipsky in the physical world, is an artist who currently lives in Orange, Massachusetts. The source of inspiration for his abstract and narrative paintings comes from the people and places he encounters both in the physical and virtual worlds.

Filthy Fluno Returns – The Janus Gallery

Not long after he entered the Second Life world, Jeffrey realized that this is a place where people from all corners of the world connect and interact with each other on a regular basis. Soon, Jeffrey, in Filthy Fluno’s iconic avatar, started using the virtual world as a medium to promote his physical world art to an international audience.

Today, after a break of eight long years, Filthy Fluno has returned to the virtual world of Second Life with an outstanding exhibition, Filthy Fluno Returns at The Janus Gallery in Sinful Retreat. However, this display does not confine itself to the gallery building, but stretches out into the street opposite the building.

Filthy Fluno Returns – The Janus Gallery

Most of the works inside the building, barring one or two, are works which are available as art pieces only in the Second Life virtual world. However, the works lining the street outside along with two in the foyer of the gallery building are Limited Edition pieces for which buyers have the option of also receiving a limited edition print (approximately 9 x 12 inches) on paper mailed to their home in RL. For more info, you can always reach out to Filthy Fluno via IM or by sending an email to

While most of Jeffrey’s works are abstract and open to interpretation, it is clear that he gets inspiration for his art from both worlds. For example, “The Lindens” is a fantastic example of how he manages to bridge the divide between both worlds as he creates magic with his art. He blends techniques and styles from relatively modern genres like surrealism, comic art and even graffiti, with more traditional narrative art, to create his own style that stands out from everything else.

We are always saddened when an artist decides to leave Second life for some reason, but we are overjoyed when once in a while, someone decides to return to the art world of Second Life. Filthy Fluno Returns is a grand display of art that no lover of art should miss and we hope we can see many more of Jeffrey’s works in the near future.


  1. The Janus Gallery – Sinful Retreat

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