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Floc-Ke at ArtCare : Propaganda in the Modern World

Propaganda, lies and manipulation – this forms the theme of a really interesting installation by Floc-Ke that will surely leave a powerful impact on you after your visit.

Art which makes a powerful statement about society, politics and religion is rare to see in SL. Along with a medium to convey one’s feelings or emotions, art is also a method of sending a message in a subtle but strong way. One of the very few interesting regions that celebrate political art is a region by the name of “Walls of Freedom” – an installation that takes inspiration from the first three years of the Egyptian revolution in which art transformed street walls in Egypt into a visual testimony of bravery and resistance.

The latest exhibition by Floc-Ke on Level Four of the ArtCare Gallery makes a strong case about propaganda, manipulation and freedom in the modern world. Have you ever wondered how much of the information you receive has been manipulated? How much of it has been changed or tailored to suit someone’s agenda? And are we really free or are we being indirectly controlled by means of the information being given to us?

Floc-Ke at the ArtCare Gallery

Floc-Ke seeks to offer some answers in her latest exhibition at the ArtCare Gallery. She is an artist who is relatively new to the art world of SL and always eager to talk about creativity, art and her exhibits. Propaganda, according to her, is hidden everywhere. It is manipulating every facet of our life, sometimes directly and at other times, in a more subtle way. Through each work of art, Floc-Ke examines the various places and situations in which we are subject to manipulation.

Some of these are pretty obvious and direct like the internet, social media and other mainstream media, while others are more subtle. Films, family, schools, catastrophes and even art – the artist examines each of them in turn and goes to show the manipulation and propaganda hidden within.

Floc-Ke’s exhibit is intricately layered with every small detail in the exhibit having a purpose attached to it. The artwork itself consists of several “paper cutouts” overlapping each other, placed in front of a black-and-white image. The cutouts are all brightly colored and serve as a metaphor to the propaganda that deforms or changes your perception of the absolute truth, which is represented by the original monochrome image hidden behind several layers that obscure it completely.

Floc-Ke at the ArtCare Gallery

The theme of the exhibit is reflected in everything. As we enter the room, everything seems arranged in an orderly manner. However, upon looking closely, we notice this is not at all the case. The gaps between two artworks are uneven, their sizes don’t match and the artworks themselves are not at all what they seem at first sight. The wooden stage at the center of the exhibit is a gentle but important message to rise above the propaganda and uncover the layers by always questioning the “facts” that are fed to us by various sources.

This exhibition by Floc-Ke is one of the most original and refreshing ones I have seen in the recent past. It reflects the perils of the modern society we live in while simultaneously drawing parallels to dark periods in world history. Floc-Ke is just beginning on her artistic journey in SL – one that will offer us even more creative exhibits in the future.

Click HERE to visit Floc-Ke’s incredible exhibition on Level Four of the ArtCare Gallery.

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