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A Forest Theme at Whimberly

Whimberly is back with a new forest theme that retains the charm of the previous version while offering a completely new landscape to explore.

With the changing of the season, many regions have revamped themselves, developing a new look that fits in with the mood and atmosphere of the season. So is the case with Whimberly as it has returned in a completely new form, with a forest-themed ambiance, still managing to keep the adventurous spirit and awe-inspiring beauty of the previous build.

Endless meadows covered in a beautiful sea of yellow flowers – this has always been the hallmark of Whimberly. It is what defines this region of stunning beauty. But fret not, this scene has still been retained by sim designer Staubi Reilig (engelsstaub) in this new build. The north eastern quarter of the region is occupied by these bright yellow fields in a nod to the past. A lone scarecrow in the middle of the field announces the beginning of Fall 2021, which this build also signifies.

The landing point is located at a three-way junction of paths. The minor path leads into the forest of Whimberly while the two significantly bigger roads lead you on a circular loop around the yellow field. A quick walk around this loop reveals some beautiful spots for couples to enjoy some lone time with their lovers or even a small picnic spot to enjoy a good old-fashioned picnic with your group of friends.

However, the true charm of this new version of Whimberly can be witnessed upon following the smaller of the three paths that leads off into a more forested area. The path quickly leads us to the shores of a lagoon where the “office” is located. The office is actually a small cabin in which you can find the relevant information and links to the social media Whimberly is associated with. Outside the office, one can engage in a game of checkers over a cup of steaming hot coffee with some delicious muffins.

While the office lies to the right, you can choose to follow the shoreline further south past an idyllic summer hammock. Crossing a small arched log bridge, we reach an island on the lagoon that serves as another beautiful picnic spot. A picnic blanket, some snacks and a pile of pillows have been laid out under the shade of an umbrella. Nearby, a row boat bobs in the water while a few chairs and a table have been laid out to enjoy your meal. A fire crackles in the pit to provide relief from the chilly wind. A number of waterfalls on the other side of the small pond form a breathtaking sight you can take in as you spend some quiet time here.

Just as the fields are covered in a sea of yellow flowers, the forests are full of white flowers that grow all around. They are a source of warmth, joy and happiness throughout this region. Once we have spent some time on the island, proceed further south by crossing another arched bridge. Here we have a choice to make as the path splits into two with one branch going east and the other going west.

If we choose to go west, the path leads us eventually to a beautiful cottage on the banks of the lagoon. A rocky beach separates the house from the water. On this beach, you can find a couple of chairs where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the sounds of the sea as you sip on some incredible hot chocolate. The interior of this house is rather well done with a complete dining table, a mall living room set, a kitchen and a bedroom which can be found upstairs. Exploring this area will also lead you to some really quiet places away from the oft-traveled paths where you can get the solace you have been searching for.

After the arched bridge, if choose to go east instead, the path takes you past a couple of playful weasels and to the fenced entrance of a cottage in the woods, overlooking the yellow fields in the north east. This cottage has an extremely warm, homely feel to it and one can easily lose themselves in the rustic charm of the interior, or the romantic atmosphere of the backyard.

Walking further along the trail eventually brings you back to the landing point. The journey through Whimberly is filled with its fair share of adventure, romance and peace. It is riddled with beautiful spots and scenes for photography or for spending a wonderful time with your partner. The unique blend of two very different landscapes – the flowering yellow fields and the lush green forest – is one of the most incredible things about this region.

The forest-themed Whimberly definitely needs to be on your list for this week. It is a location full of romance, nature and tranquility, which will definitely put you in a great mood for the rest of the day.


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