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The Forgotten Elven Realm of Firith Galad

Surrounded by high mountains and deep valleys lies Firith Galad, an ancient elven realm where fantasy and magic fills the air. Explore this incredible region and discover its secrets.

Sim designer Camila Runo’s *80 Days* series has produced some incredible builds this year. The first one we covered on the Art Korner blog was The Bayou, depicting the treacherous swamps of Louisiana. This was followed by Jambo 2.0, which took us back to the Savannah grasslands of Africa, introducing us to some of the beautiful flora and fauna of the continent. Recently, the Halloween-themed Skullingtown was an incredible region which was enjoyed by all.

As we entered the month of November, Camila revamped the region once again and has come up with a new build titled “Firith Galad – A Forgotten Elven Realm“. Fans of the Lord of the Rings trilogy will immediately relate to the overall atmosphere in the region – one of mystery, fantasy and magic.

Firith Galad – A Forgotten Elven Realm

To get the best experience out of your visit to Firith Galad, please make sure you have the following settings right:

  1. Please use Shared Environment

  2. Set your draw distance to 256 m

The second requirement is important to get a complete panorama of the region, which can be enjoyed right from the landing point.

A deep ravine separates the landing point from the main city. To cross the ravine, we must follow the path in front of us to an arched stone bridge, which needs to be crossed to enter the realm of Firith Galad. On the southern side of the bridge, one can enjoy the spectacular sight of a number of waterfalls cascading down into the depths of the ravine below. This is just the first of many such awe-inspiring sights you will come across in this region.

Firith Galad – A Forgotten Elven Realm

An elven arch with banners on either side welcomes us into Firith Galad. We enter into what appears to be a town square of sorts with a circular gazebo dominating the center. A playable harp can be found in the gazebo with some seating around for listeners. From the town square, a number of paths lead to various destinations in the realm.

Crossing a small bridge to the north of the square leads us to the Elven Gathering Hall, a place for the elves to read books, study literature and socialize with others. Another path leads to an elegant building that doubles as a bath, from where one can also explore a hidden stone altar in the woods. The biggest path – a beautiful staircase towards the east – leads up to the grandest building in the realm, the Elven Palace.

Firith Galad – A Forgotten Elven Realm

Perhaps the largest room in the palace is the dining room with a long wooden table. On the table you will be able to find a number of fruits, wine, candles and other delicacies. The structure of the palace is open and airy, thus giving us beautiful views outside. The center of the other room in the palace is dominated by a large scrying bowl, which is used (presumably) to get a glimpse of the future.

The southern side of the palace opens out onto a charming terrace, which offers beautiful close-up views of the waterfalls crashing into the deep cavern below. From here you can either choose to head up another flight of stone steps to the highest point of the realm – a beautiful Temple dedicated to the Goddess of Rain constructed in white marble. A beautiful sculpture of the deity resides within and is surrounded by streams of water falling into a pond below.

Firith Galad – A Forgotten Elven Realm

Whether you choose to come alone or with your partner, a journey through the realm of Firith Galad will be an experience you will remember for a long time. This region is also a fantasy photographer’s dream and offers a number of places for clicking some beautiful, magical photos. You can also avail rez rights in this region by joining the *80 Days* group for absolutely no charge. the group joiner is available at the landing point.

Firith Galad is a fantasy-filled location that serves as a perfect tribute to JRR Tolkien’s beautiful work Lord of the Rings.


  1. Firith Galad – Farron

Please share your photos in the *80 Days* FLICKR Group



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