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Formless - Traci's Personal Journey Through Art

At the new location of the ArtCare Gallery, Traci presents a new series of abstract images in the grayscale, which are based on her art in the physical world.

It wouldn't be wrong to say Traci is one of the most multi-talented personalities in Second Life, who creates magic both through her music and art. However, till now, she has refrained from showcasing her physical world art in Second Life, instead using the virtual world as the basic medium for her work.

At the new location of the ArtCare Gallery in the region of Melody Valley, Traci breaks this trend in her latest exhibition - "Formless" - and presents her physical world art for the first time in Second Life.

"Formless" features a total of twenty-four pieces in grayscale, presented in groups of three works each with a very visible underlying theme. Traci supplements each trio of images with words that complement the works beautifully.

While highly abstract in nature, as Traci's work usually is, her words hint at the highly personal nature of these images. By words, I refer not only to the words which are in plain sight below the images but also to those which are hidden in the titles of the images themselves. If you combine the three titles of each group, they form sentences of their own.

Most of Traci's work even in Second Life has been extremely personal. Whether it was the topic of identity in "Camouflage" or that of drug abuse in "Overdose", each of her exhibitions has always reflected an aspect of her personality.

Every single image in this series is layered and it is up to the visitors to uncover the layers and find their own connection with Traci's work. The black and white setting of the exhibit complements the work hanging on the walls perfectly. Moreover, the display as a whole takes on a completely different meaning when seen from the context of the center representing Traci's Second Life while the outer walls play the role of her life in the physical world.

The small setup Traci has created with nothing but a few canvases and projectors at the center of the room fits in perfectly with the displayed work and also manages to break the large chunk of black space in the exhibition (just as Second Life does in all our lives?).

Many such questions will pop in your mind as you visit Formless, an exhibition by Traci, one of the finest artists in Second Life, which makes for a truly delightful visit for any art lover.



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