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Foxy & Beth - A Splash of Friendship Combined

Check out this beautiful exhibition at the Monocle Man Galleries by Foxy and Beth - two artist friends who will take you on an emotional, nostalgic journey through their photography.

For a limited time duration of two weeks, a new exhibition is installed at the Monocle Man Galleries. Titled "A Splash of Friendship Combined" this exhibit is a beautiful look at the friendship between two artists - Bethany Harris and Foxy McAllister - and how friendships in the virtual space can often become very, very real.

The Monocle Man Galleries have always featured some unique projects in the past and this one by Foxy McAllister and Bethany Harris is no exception. Set within an intricately designed two-level gallery building on a platform high above the ground, this exhibit takes the visitor into a world of colors through the images by both Foxy and Beth.

It is clear through the exhibit that one thing both the friends - Foxy and Beth - are equally passionate about is their love for SL photography. As Beth says in her introductory notecard, brainstorming about ideas regarding photography and editing is often their favorite thing to do.

In this exhibition, what is primarily depicted through the images is the journey of their friendship, moments from which will often remind you of one or more of your own close friends, either from your Second Life or from the physical world, and the time you spent with them.

The vivid colors in the images exhibited at this gallery breathe life into this exhibition. Interspersed with beautiful quotes about friendship, the entire display comes together beautifully in an exhibit which is visually and emotionally engaging.



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