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Fragments : Thoughts on Perception of Reality

Melusina Parkin and Milena Carbone collaborate to create a thought-provoking exhibition in which Milena’s thoughts on Melu’s work present it in a completely different light.

Collaborative exhibits are always interesting to visit. I truly believe that art and knowledge is meant to be shared and some of the greatest ideas and concepts have been born out of collaborations. So when I found out two artists who I really admire – Melusina Parkin and Milena Carbone – are collaborating for the first time in a new exhibition at the Carbone Gallery at Serena, I just had to visit and check it out.

Melusina Parkin’s work is defined by her unique brand of minimalism. “Less is more” – the philosophy that drives minimalistic thought can be seen through her work. The lighting, the image composition and the soft pastel colors she uses is able to create a powerful effect , Although containing almost nothing within the frame, her images always leave a tremendous impact on the viewer.

Fragments – Melusina Parkin and Milena Carbone

For those not aware of it, minimalism is a school of abstract art which strives to keep any form of personal expression to a minimum. By doing so, the medium and the materials of the work become its reality. Through their minimalist works, artists try not to refer to anything else but the art itself. As minimalist painter Frank Stella once said: “What you see is what you see.”

This form of aestheticism allows the art to generate a purely visual response within viewers and enables them to experience the color, form, lighting and space within the artwork even more strongly. However, in Fragments, along with Melusina’s incredible images, it is also Milena’s powerful thoughts on them that complete the exhibit.

Fragments – Melusina Parkin and Milena Carbone

The exhibition space is roughly divided into two halves – the “Inside“, consisting of a closed bunker, and the “Outside“, which is set like an open field with a path passing through it, much like a scene found in many of Melu’s images. Milena has done the division of work in both spaces very methodically.

Images inside the bunker are those taken in a room, in a house, or from a terrace; while the artwork found lining the path outside features meadows, beaches, forests, parks and other open, natural surroundings. The bunker also contains a bookstore displaying both their previous books as well as the latest book – Fragments – which contains all images from this exhibition, along with her insightful thoughts on them.

Fragments – Melusina Parkin and Milena Carbone

Snippets from this book can be seen at the end of the straight path outside on a screen in the form of a slideshow. Milena tells me, “A French neuroscientist explains very clearly how our brain is perceiving reality. He says first we perceive the signs, then we interpret them and finally we connect this interpretation to a story which is consistent for us.

And Melu’s images made her wander into the spheres of unreal reality, stories, illusions, boredom and loneliness. If you read her text thoroughly, you will be able to find these themes recurring throughout.

Those who have been following Melusina Parkin’s photography might be familiar with most of the images shown in this exhibit, but Milena’s words cast these images in a very different light, exploring questions of reality, perceived reality and illusion; they also touch upon the topics of emptiness, loneliness and boredom, provoking visitors to think and ponder upon many fundamental questions that shape their reality.

Fragments” by Melusina Parkin and Milena Carbone is a collaborative exhibition that allows visitors to see Melu’s work through the eyes of Milena Carbone and enables them to reflect upon the thoughts she presents.

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More information about this exhibit can be found HERE

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