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A Gallery Dedicated to the Art of Portraiture in Second Life

Explore the newly created PEOPLE Gallery and MiSOUL Cafe this week - a warm, welcoming place full of great portraits, good coffee and friendly people.

It's really incredible how many great ideas and ventures have started over a simple cup of coffee. The PEOPLE Gallery, a new concept for an art gallery in Second Life, was born much the same way when Envy and Maeve met at the Rainy Cafe. Their shared love of capturing portraits saw the development of a beautiful friendship between them.

This eventually led them to opening what is today the PEOPLE gallery. A cafe, named the MiSOUL Cafe, naturally followed. Through the exhibitions in this gallery, they hope to share their love for portraits and good coffee with artists and art lovers alike.

Featuring an immaculate, modern, elegant design, the PEOPLE Gallery and MiSoul Gallery is set over three levels. From the landing point, stairs descend down to the main entrance of the gallery. Here, the interior walls of the gallery are lined with a wide variety of portraits from different artists.

While the portraits don't have a name plate attached, a script hidden within each of the images displays the name in hover text for a few seconds upon clicking the image. Many of the names are easily recognizable from Flickr. Whether it is the emotional work of Jo Molinaro created using soft pastels, or the fantasy-filled work of Ren Matsura, each image on the wall is distinct and showcases the incredible talent which can be found in this virtual world.

A staircase behind the gallery takes you to the next level, which is actually the level we landed at. Two small rooms here feature more work by some of the best photographers in SL such as Damon Frost, Alexo Aries and Anu Papp among others.

From here, a door opens out onto a small area overlooking a beautiful waterfall to the left and crossing which, leads to another room with even more incredible artwork. An artist list can be obtained by clicking on a board which has been devoted specifically for it. Such boards can be found in a few places around the gallery.

The uppermost level of the gallery building is devoted to the MiSOUL Cafe, a place where people are free to hang out, indulge in some delicious coffee and good conversation, making new friends in the process. Situated in an open air, terrace-like setting, the cafe has a wonderful vibe about it, making it an extremely friendly, warm and welcoming place.

Envy and Maeve, the owners and curators of the gallery, have created a WEBSITE for it too. One can browse the art on display and get more information about the exhibiting artists over here. They will also be rotating the art in the gallery, so if you wish to exhibit in the gallery, you can definitely do so by applying HERE.

Portraits strive to capture the rich diversity of personalities within Second Life, showing not just the external beauty but also the inner character hidden within the emotions depicted in the image.

PEOPLE Gallery is perhaps the first ever gallery in Second Life dedicated to this incredible craft of portraiture. We are excited to see this gallery grow and bring some truly amazing artists into the spotlight.



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