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GenovArt : Inspiration, Exploration and Discovery

The larger-than-life display of art at this magnificent gallery will leave you spellbound. Here, the artworks can be enjoyed and experienced in all their glory.

GenovArt is a gallery I enjoy exploring, mainly because of the grand display and the high quality of art. Although I refer to GenovArt as a single gallery, you should know that it is actually split into two galleries, each displaying the work of four different artists each month.

Both galleries stand right opposite each other and tower over us from both sides as we arrive at the landing point, right between both entrances. On one side is the Glass Gallery – a gallery created for showcasing photographic art, rich in colors – while on the other side is the B&W Gallery, specially created to focus on monochromatic, black and white art or art which is toned down in the vibrancy of its colors.

Each of these galleries rotates on a monthly basis, thus giving viewers a chance to constantly see the work of new artists. At the time of my visit, the Glass Gallery housed the works of artists Deyanira Yalin, Jamee Thomson (jamee.sandalwood), Vanessa Jane (vanessajane66) and Eyes Kirschtaria (varutina).

Each artist within the Glass Gallery takes a very different approach with their work. The subjects are different, the handling is different and the techniques used are vastly different as well. This gives us, as the viewers, a great opportunity to appreciate and admire the similarities and differences in the artwork, perhaps even learning a great deal from it.

Deyanira Yalin – Glass Gallery, GenovArt

Deyanira’s work is rich in colors and is a rather stunning sight when one enters her art space; while Jamee prefers to use shadow and lighting to her advantage and create some beautiful images, many of them featuring inanimate objects which now have a life of their own because of her brilliant technique.

Taking the glass staircase to the next level, one is greeted by the works of Vanessa and Varutina, again two vastly different artists, each owning their own space. Vanessa Jane is, without a doubt, one of the most incredible landscape photographers in SL. Tranquil beaches, magical kingdoms, fairy forests and lush green meadows – she captures it all perfectly in the frame, transporting the viewer to each location.

Eyes Kirschtaria (varutina) – Glass Gallery, GenovArt

Varutina is someone whose work really took me by surprise. The intricately detailed images, inspired by fantasy, each tell a story that viewers can instantly connect with. I have always felt fantasy is a genre that is always overlooked when it comes to art in SL, probably because a lot of the work is repetitive, but once in a while you come across someone like Varutina who beats the norms and creates a realm of fantasy and magic right before your eyes through her images that leave you amazed.

The B&W Gallery, which stands right opposite the Glass Gallery, housed the works of artists Awesome Fallen, Burleh (burleh.leonard), ℰℓα™ (elaine.lectar) and Thus Yootz when I visited. Not all the works in this gallery are black and white, as the name might suggest. For example, the art of Awesome Fallen contains some amount of color but it has a sort of dark tone to it, which makes it seem perfectly in place within a B&W gallery.

Burleh (burleh.leonard) – B&W Gallery, GenovArt

The artist exhibiting on the lower level along with Awesome Fallen, Burleh, was another pleasant discovery. Reading through the notecard, I understood that this was Burleh’s first ever exhibit inworld and the wonderful images he displays there struck a chord with me. Most of the images are captured in black & white or with a sepia undertone, which really creates a beautiful atmosphere.

ℰℓα™ – B&W Gallery, GenovArt

On the upper level, Thus Yootz and ℰℓα™ had their own spaces, featuring their characteristic works of art. After an amazing showing at the Kondor Art Center last month, Thus Yootz came up with another spectacular display that left me amazed. ℰℓα™ began her career as a furniture blogger and has since grown into a diverse artist as is evidenced through her diverse range of artworks.

GenovArt is a location that gets everything right when it comes to diversity, quality and grandeur of the art displayed within its walls. It is a place dedicated to art, carefully curated by Juna (junanuj) who has a brilliant artistic eye. And above all, it is a place where the art feels right at home. A must-visit for art lovers.

Click HERE to visit GenovArt inworld.

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