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Get Out : A Fitting Tribute to Photography

On the occasion of World Photography Day, the Kondor Art Square has inaugurated an exhibition of street photography by INSANE FOCUS (Lovi & Mool) that covers scenes from eight different countries.

In 1837, Frenchmen Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce developed one of the first photographic processes in the world that consisted of obtaining a unique image on a silvered copper plate. Two years later, the French Academy of Sciences officially endorsed this technique, now known as a daguerreotype. On August 19th, 1839, the French Government announced that the daguerreotype was a gift to the world on behalf of France. This was, in essence, the birth of photography. Thus it is only apt that August 19th is celebrated worldwide as World Photography Day, when the first photography process was made available publicly.

Used originally for the purpose of documentation, photography has evolved in its own way. Thanks to improved cameras, more customizability and the invention of post-processing techniques, it has turned into a language in its own right. Much like artists, photographers tend to develop their own styles over time. Different methods of photography convey different emotions and feelings, thus having a completely different effect on the viewer’s mind.

Get Out by Insane Focus – Kondor Art Square

The latest exhibition at the Kondor Art SquareGet Out by Insane Focus – concentrates upon what is perhaps the most common use of photography – to record memories, instances and emotions. Photographs make it possible for us to relive moments and experiences years down the line, taking on a trip down memory lane and thus bringing joy, excitement and happiness into our lives.

Insane Focus is the name used by Loviathar Hellman and her RL husband, Mool, while displaying their joint photographic project. Featuring a collection of street photography from eight different countries of Europe, this exhibition is a fitting tribute to photography and the way it has enhanced the spread of information in the modern world.

Get Out by Insane Focus – Kondor Art Square

Street photography, although seemingly easy, is often one of the most challenging genres of the art. Capturing unmediated encounters and random incidents within public places gives us an opportunity to witness human nature and behavior in its most raw, natural form. Even a simple scene depicting a group of people enjoying themselves at a roadside cafe can prove to be extremely revealing.

People going about their daily routine, interesting signboards, historical monuments, and even some photographers taking pictures – these are just some of the subjects that have been incorporated in this exhibition. Classifying the photographs by country, Lovi and Mool also offer us a chance to appreciate the diversity of scenery and culture in each country. The realistic images manage to transport us directly to each location, so that we are able to experience it for ourselves.

The Kondor Art Collection – Kondor Art Square

Like her SL partner Traci, Lovi has also opted for a Pay-As-You-Feel system, where you can choose to buy the individual images, or even the entire collection for any price you feel appropriate. This is a brave effort by them to make art and photography more accessible and will give you the opportunity to buy this entire exhibition for a price as low as L$1!

Apart from the exhibition, the Kondor Art Square also has a small book store, displaying catalogues of Hermes Kondor’s own photography and a part of his private art collection is displayed in the Kondor Art Collection at the other end of the square. A visit to the Kondor Art Square this week is a must for anyone who loves travel and photography in the real world as Lovi and Mool’s exhibit blends just that. A fascinating display of street photography from all over Europe that also comes with an underlying message for all as we near the end of the successive lockdowns in most of the world – Get Out!


  1. Kondor Art Square – Waka

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