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Glimpses : The Artistic Photography of Taila Saenz

An exhibition of RL photography at the Janus Gallery III offers us glimpses of many different places across continents and reminds us of the thing we have missed the most during lockdown – traveling.

In the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic induced lockdowns, most of us are looking forward to travel, something we have all missed doing for the past year and a half. The latest exhibition at Janus Gallery III by Taila Saenz arrives at the perfect time, reminding us of the joy of traveling the world and experiencing the beautiful things it has to offer.

Through her rich, evocative photography, Taila Saenz takes us on a journey around the world; from a tranquil harbor on the island of Sylt in Germany to the romantic gondolas of Venice, from the natural beauty of Bermuda to the towering skyline of Brooklyn – she captures it all through her photographic lens.

Glimpses” by Taila Saenz – Janus Gallery III

Spread out over two floors of Janus Gallery III, “Glimpses” is an exhibition that will bring joy to the heart of any traveler. But mind you, this is not just simple travel photography. Taila also uses post-processing with great effect to enhance the mood already embedded within the images. While most of the images on the lower level of the gallery are in black and white, the display on the upper level is filled with colored photographs that offer some stunning visuals.

Having visited a few of these places myself, I could relate to many of the images in this fascinating display. The images of Venice, of the gondolas making their way through narrow canals and waterways, took me back to the precious few days I spent in the City of Canals.

Glimpses” by Taila Saenz – Janus Gallery III

While Taila’s image composition and camera angles are definitely spot on, it is her post-processing that truly captured my attention. She treats each image differently and gives it just the right amount of editing to further enhance its inherent mood. Some of them are presented to us in a more natural form with just hints of editing visible while others like East River and NYC Staying Alive are extensively worked upon.

Taila’s unique camera angles along with an artistic eye that is able to spot beautiful patterns in everyday scenes and places needs to be complimented here. In Stairs, for example, Taila captures a simple winding staircase from a high angle to show a brilliant, almost fractal-like pattern that forms because of the winding of the stairs.

Glimpses” by Taila Saenz – Janus Gallery III

The landscapes Taila captures in her frame are nothing short of spectacular and are able to transport you immediately to some remarkable places you may not have been to yet, but will be able to experience through her beautiful photographs on display at Janus Gallery. Do visit this amazing exhibition and get engrossed in the glimpses Taila offers us into a beautiful world we have missed since the onset of the pandemic.


  1. Janus Gallery III – Sinful Retreat

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