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Gravity - A Fascinating Exhibition by Lika Cameo

The latest exhibition at the Nitroglobus Gallery uses a blend of Lika Cameo's 2D artwork and Celestial Demon's poetry to draw striking comparisons between the force of gravity and the emotion of love.

Among the many forces which drive people to do impossible things is the ancient emotion of love - something which has been debated upon, discussed, felt and experienced since ages. This emotion is one of the things which makes us "human".

In the introduction to her latest exhibition at the Nitroglobus Gallery titled "Gravity", Lika Cameo writes:

"Love can be scary only because you realize you care about someone as much as you care about yourself. You open your hearth knowing that it could be broken, however being vulnerable is the only way to allow your heart to feel true pleasure, joy and excitement, and make you feel that true bond and energy that is pulling you to belong to the other."

Opening your heart to someone can be scary and dangerous too, but without letting someone into your heart, it is impossible to feel this complex emotion and experience it. Lika goes on to draw a comparison between the force of love which unites two human beings in harmony, with the physical force of gravity which acts between any two objects, drawing them closer to each other.

Eighteen magnificent pieces of work by Lika Cameo grace the Main Hall of the Nitroglobus Gallery. Among these, there are some pieces which need to be seen together in groups. For example, one of the walls of the gallery has three pieces, which are together titled "I Love You Simply" and in fact, comprise a series which actually depicts the force of love which draws people together.

Along with each piece, Lika has attached a poem, most of them written by Celestial Demon, while a couple have been written by Pablo Neruda and one by Lika herself. The poems and the images go beautifully hand-in-hand, enhancing the viewing experience even further.

Each individual piece is rich in composition, narrative and through the poems, which flow in sync with the imagery, what might have been a simple art exhibition turns into an extraordinary must-have experience.

For art lovers, there is one more reason to visit this exhibition. Lika has offered one of the images as a gift for all visitors to the gallery.

With a sculpture by Mistero Hifeng, the animated light ribbons of Adwehe, the reflective flooring and some 3D artwork by Nitro Firegaard to serve as the accompanying ambiance for this fascinating exhibition, I am sure you will enjoy your visit here to the fullest.



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