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Halloween 2021 : A Guide</em> to the Best Places

Art Korner brings to you a curated list of some of the spookiest, scariest places you absolutely need to visit this season. These are not for the faint of heart!

With the dawn of October, a number of Halloween-themed regions have cropped up on the grid. With the sheer vast number of places, it becomes difficult and confusing for residents to figure out the best ones they can visit in the limited time available to them.

Art Korner’s Guide to the best, spookiest places to visit this Halloween is here to solve this problem. Many of these places contain a number of jump-scares and bone-chilling sound effects. Please use Shared Environment and Advanced Lighting before visiting any of these places. It is also necessary to have your Sounds turned up for the best experience.

An inworld Teleport HUD offering one-touch TPs to all the places on this list will be available at the Art Korner Main Gallery starting this Saturday, October 9th exclusively for Group Members of the inworld Art Korner SL Group!

We hope you enjoy the destinations featured on this list!

A Very Viper Hell o’ween

A Very Viper Hell o’ween takes you on a death-defying journey as you explore hell and try to find your way to heaven. On your journey, you are likely to be scared more than a few times. Expect to meet some ghoulish creatures as you explore one of the most incredible builds you will come across. Not for the faint of heart!

All Hallows at Moochie

Halloween has arrived at Moochie and among the treacherous trees, the swirling mist, the haunting ruins and the wiling winds, there are some creepy corner and dark shadows lurking in wait for those who dare to venture into these places. A beautiful place to get those Halloween pics with your partner or friends!

An Eerie Stroll at Leloo’s World

Welcome to Halloween at Leloo’s World – a place that can be explored on foot or by floating on a tube through the river that makes its way through this atmospheric build. Make sure you turn on your SOUNDS and use a DARK WINDLIGHT during your visit for the most incredible experience.

Bay City’s Halloween Hay Maze

A dark atmospheric fog hangs in the air at the Bay City fairgrounds. A maze constructed completely from stacks of hay beckons you to enter. Try to find your way through the twists and turns of the maze while trying to escape all the ghouls and creeps who are out to get you. The whole experience is perfect for an outing with friends!

Deadman’s Island

Deadman’s Island is not a place for for the squeamish or faint-hearted! The dark, ominous, and creepy atmosphere at Deadman’s Island will leave you feeling like someone is right behind you all along the way. If you aren’t afraid yet, you should be! This is the perfect destination for a Halloween experience full of fear.


Falloween is the perfect blend of Fall and Halloween – a place where light meets the darkness. It is a celebration of everything the Autumn season brings with it, including the shedding of the leaves and the spooks of Halloween. Another spectacular build perfect for some Fall/Halloween-themed pictures..

Forsaken – Halloween at Cay’s

The small, isolated town of Woodland Lake was a community that was largely self-sufficient. It seemed like the perfect place for a top-secret laboratory … until the accident which turned the friendly residents of the town into wild, flesh-eating creatures. The town became Forsaken. A perfect place to explore with your partner or with friends. Frequent events are also conducted here.

Inspire Space Park Haunted Mansion

A ghostly haunted house can be experienced at the incredible Inspire Space Park for the entire month of October. Here you can explore the mansion, solve the puzzle within and win an amazing prize at the end of the journey.

Laurel’s Halloween Nightmare

Laurel’s Nightmare has returned with a haunted horror theme park which consists of 19 horror movie scenes to visit. This is your opportunity to live through your favorite horror flicks like Nightmare on Elm Street, It, Stranger Things, Candyman and many more. One of the scariest and most incredible builds you will come across!

Ride of Doom 2.0

Ride of Doom 2.0 takes you on one of the most thrilling adventures this Halloween. Hop into the ride car and buckle in as it takes you from room to room with some startling jump scares and creepy sound effects. Lasting a good amount of time, this is perhaps the experience that offers the most amount of diversity this Halloween!


Scar-a-dise was once a thriving, bustling town that fell into darkness and terror from the actions of a few tormented souls. As you walk among the ruins of this once beautiful town, you will find clues as to its history and the path to the darkness that the town and its residents and its infamous asylum took to its hellish final state.

Season’s Halloween

A Halloween train, a boat ride, some zombie shooting and an iconic carousel awaits you at Season’s Halloween – a destination that takes on a completely different look each season depending on the theme.

Seasons Change at Peaceful Dreams

The ghosts of passed souls wander through the spooky ancient lands and guide you through the haunted fairgrounds. As you follow the path, it inevitable leads you to a haunted mansion. Make sure you are fast enough to avoid the spooky dead who are now haunting the graveyard. The unnerving sounds and sights of Seasons Change will surely freak you out!

Terry Gold’s Horror Museum

Terry Gold is known for creating immersive builds. This time, she has come up with the Horror Museum – a place where you can walk into the paintings and experience what it is like to come face to face with your worst fears. A small, immersive build not for the faint of heart!

The Haunted at Southern Roots

The South is being haunted! Killers and zombies lurk in the beautiful farms. Make sure you explore all three levels of this haunted Southern paradise. There is lots to see and a lot of fun to be had. Don’t forget to take part in the #AdamsPhotoChallenge!

Uri Jefferson’s Freakshow

A haunted, creepy circus awaits you at Uri Jefferson’s Freakshow. Here you can find the oddities of mankind; this is a display of all that is weird, creepy and sometimes downright scary. Welcome to the FREAKSHOW! Don’t forget to also explore massacre manor and the Asylum which lies on this very region.

Happy Halloween to All! Get Scared!

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