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Halloween Haunt of the Day - Calas Galadhon's SHADOWFELL

In this fantasy-filled destination, take a journey through mysterious woodlands and caverns to reach the ruins of an ancient Elven city.

"Shadowfell" is the thirteenth Halloween-themed build by the creators of Calas Galadhon -Ty Tenk and Truck Meredith. Every year, they present something different, which completely blows visitors away. With the intricacies and details of Shadowfell, they have outdone themselves to create a true masterpiece in Second Life.

This fascinating build mixes the genres of fantasy and horror to create a magical world that is stunning, terrifying and unimaginably beautiful.

The following video by renowned videographer, Jackson Redstar, demonstrates the beauty of Shadowfell captured through one of the modes of exploring this region - by boat.

Apart from this truly amazing boat ride perfect for a romantic date, one can also explore the land of Shadowfell by foot, going on an adventure through mysterious woods, dark caves and over beautiful bridges.

The journey ends at the magical Pavilion of Shadowfell where live music and events will be held throughout this month.

Check out some amazing pictures of Shadowfell which will make you want to visit it as soon as possible:



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