• Frank Atisso

Halloween Haunt of the Day - Uri Jefferson's Freakshow 2022

Welcome to the 8th year for Uri Jefferson's Freakshow in Second Life, where you can witness the oddities and freaks of nature.

For the eighth year straight, Uri Jefferson's Freakshow is back in Second Life. This Halloween-themed destination is an iconic one and allows visitors to explore the spooks within a traveling circus.

It is a throwback to the days of old, when circus sideshows and carnival freakshows were extremely popular. Those who dared step through their gates would be left in awe by what they see.

Uri Jefferson's Freakshow provides tons of opportunities for photography and also serves as a perfect hangout for friends or a date spot for lovers.

Renowned videographer, Jackson Redstar, has created an amazing video that showcases this incredible destination in great detail.

But why not go check it out for yourself? Visit Uri Jefferson's Freakshow today and experience its haunts.



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