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Halloween with a Psychedelic Twist at TABU

Safire Starlight, owner of the Tabu Social Club, has created two rather unconventional spooky builds - one of a graveyard, the other of a haunted mansion - both with a psychedelic touch.

The TABU Social Club, owned and managed by Safire Starlight, is a wonderful place to hang out, play some fun and interesting games with your friends or dance to some amazing music at one of their weekly parties. It is truly a place that encourages community bonding through games, music and even art.

Safire is a passionate and incredibly talented decorator who has designed the entire build of the main club and the terrace all by herself. For the Halloween season, she has created two fascinating builds near the main club - one of a spooky graveyard and the other of a haunted mansion.

But unconventional is her middle name and both builds come with a unique twist - psychedelic elements added by her, the colors and lights really popping out in the dark to create an atmosphere that visitors can really immerse themselves in.

The entrance to the graveyard at TABU is located off Route 2 in Togata, right opposite the Rez Zone, which directly overlooks the island of the coast with the haunted mansion, the second of the two builds by Safire.

Reapers holding lanterns welcome you into the graveyard which is shrouded in a quiet, unsettling fog that covers the ground. The scene within the graveyard itself is rather surreal. On one side of the path, within a fence, are headstones and coffins, covered in dense fog. A large number of bats can be seen flying out of the forest that stretches behind the fence.

On the other side is a clearing with glowing magenta shrooms, tapestries with psychedelic prints, bean bags, some benches, pumpkins and a glowing DJ booth - a perfect setting for the TABU Halloween Party on Friday at 2 pm SLT, where DJ Riff Gaffer will be playing some psychedelic jazz.

The path within the graveyard leads further east past the clearing and the tombstones to enter a forested patch where reapers in dark robes keep an eye on us as we walk uphill, finally reaching the terrace of the main club with all sorts of games one can play.

The second of the two builds - the Haunted Mansion - will catch the eye of anyone going along Route 2 in Togata, either by foot, in their own vehicle or using one of the pods, which make regular trips around here. Dark, mysterious and glowing, the house lurks in the backdrop, spooky, ominous and yet unimaginably beautiful.

The build of the Haunted Mansion has been kept rather simple, using deadwood trees, dense fog and floating ghosts to create the perfect atmosphere. To reach the mansion, you can simply cam over to the grounds and double click anywhere on them to instantly be teleported there.

The grounds of the house are covered in dense fog, the outer walls of the house itself bathed in a subtle purple glow. Safire has placed candles within the house strategically to enhance the sense of mystery. The candles also create some beautiful lighting in the interiors of the house.

On the grounds, one can find some skeletons dancing to the tunes - a bit of humor that comes as an unconventional gem within this spooky build. The availability of a dance ball also makes this a perfect place, for a romantic dance with your date/partner.

Both the Graveyard and the Haunted Mansion at TABU are unique builds incorporating elements of fantasy within them along with a psychedelic touch. The passion, hard work and dedication of Safire Starlight are evident within each and every small detail incorporated into these builds. Having seen her work at close range, I can attest to the fact that Safire is nothing less than an artist, TABU and its various builds being her artwork.

Head over to the Graveyard and the Haunted Mansion at TABU before Halloween and make sure you attend the psychedelic Halloween Party on Friday, October 28th at 2 pm SLT with music by DJ Riff Gaffer.



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