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Hammifari Zoo-Palooza : The Savanna Grasslands of Africa

The wide range of wildlife found in the Savanna grasslands of Africa fascinated us as we explored this rich ecosystem and viewed the birds and animals in their natural habitats.

Everyone has fond memories visiting the zoo from their childhood days. Seeing the majestic lions, the graceful antelope and the dangerous crocodiles in their enclosures designed in theme with their natural habitats is a fun experience for the entire family and makes for a nice day’s outing. In SL, unlike the real world, it is possible to let the animals roam free with no cages or fences to keep them in, thus enabling us to view these animals up close.

One such lovely place inworld which is open for a limited amount of time (till the 21st of this month) is Hammifari Zoo-Palooza at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds. Organized by the Bellisseria Animal Sanctuary, this happens to be the second version of this annual zoo held in spring. This year, at the zoo, we are greeted to a safari in the heart of the Savanna grasslands of Africa.

Lions – Hammifari Zoo-Palooza 2

From the landing point, follow the trail of white paw prints on the ground to reach the entrance of the zoo. This particular zoo is very different from what you would expect from one. Here, the animals roam free and wild and we can most definitely join them, take pictures with them or view them from the relative safety of some elevated walkways.

As soon as you enter, climb up the wooden ramp on your right to be treated to your first sighting of the tall giants of Africa – the giraffes. A short walk ahead and it is time to be prepared to get a grand view of the king of this jungle as a pride of lions bask under the sun on a rocky outcrop.

Antelope and Elephants – Hammifari Zoo-Palooza 2

From the elevated walkway, you will be able to get a beautiful view of the Savanna grasslands and the many wonderful animals and birds which call this place home. Herds of zebras and gazelles can be seen grazing on the ample grass that the savanna provides. Giraffes, accompanied by their calves, can be seen chewing on the leaves of taller trees which are accessible to them due to their height.

The African Elephants are the largest animals found on land in the entire world. A herd of these intelligent creatures can be seen enjoying themselves in a small pond towards the far end of the conservation area. A variety of birds and smaller mammals can also be seen in their natural habitats here.

Campsite – Hammifari Zoo-Palooza 2

Take a leisurely walk around the zoo using the elevated walkway while soaking in the beauty of your surroundings. Finally, as your tour ends, you will descend down to a small campsite with some armchairs and refreshments laid out. This is a wonderful place to chat with fellow visitors at the zoo while munching down on some burgers and hot dogs available here.

A visit to this zoo is not just nostalgic of the times you would have visited one in the physical world but it is also a chance for you to reconnect with the natural world – something that has become difficult in the physical world in current times. You can roam around amidst these wonderful creatures, take photographs to your heart’s content and just enjoy with your friends, partner or even by yourself.

Hammifari Zoo-Palooza – 2 is open to visitors at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds till May 21st, 2021. Click HERE to visit this beautiful location inworld.


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