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Harbor Galaxy's Retrospective Series - Part I of IV

Explore the first part of Harbor Galaxy's Retrospective display at the Dixmix Gallery Lounge, which features some of her best graphic work created in Second Life.

Between June and September, artist Harbor Galaxy will present four sets of her past works at the Dixmix Gallery Lounge, situated on the region of Lawaii Myst. Currently, Part I of this exhibition is in progress and subsequent parts will be coming up soon. You can keep a track of our Events Calendar to stay on top of all events.

The design of the Dixmix Gallery Lounge is very different from a conventional gallery with a more laidback seating with plenty of chairs and couches for people to sit and hang out.

Harbor Galaxy's work is too vast and varied to be presented in a single exhibition and thus, she chooses to present her work in four parts at the Dixmix Gallery Lounge. Part I of this series focuses on her graphic work, which uses various shapes, geometries and colors to create art that resembles a hand-drawn painting.

While this is just a small section of Harbor's entire portfolio of work, there are many striking features which immediately catch the eye. Her use of contrasting colors is something which is very much prominent here.

Whether it is the contrast between the blue pool water and the yellow sky in Pool Side Two or the bright red against black and white in Barely Contained, Harbor leaves no stone unturned to make her images stand out. Using straight lines to divide up the background into parts in many of her images, she is able to create some stunning pieces, which are a masterclass in composition by themselves.

We look forward to the following parts of Harbor Galaxy's Retrospective series at Dixmix Gallery Lounge, which will each display a different slice of her work in Second Life. We hope you enjoy this small trip down memory lane as much as we did.



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