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Harbor Galaxy's Sensual Art at the Dixmix Gallery Lounge

In the last exhibition of her retrospective series at the Dixmix Gallery Lounge, Harbor Galaxy presents the sensual pieces from her previous exhibitions.

Harbor Galaxy is one of the most incredible and versatile artists in Second Life. It is quite difficult to categorize her work into a single box or compartment. Over the years, she has created many exhibitions, each of which has enthralled and captivated art lovers all over Second Life.

A "retrospective" is an exhibition which showcases an artist's past work, enabling visitors to follow, understand and appreciate their journey. Patterns emerge, a transformation can be seen as the artist develops and hones their craft, taking on different challenges and overcoming them.

It would have been completely unfair to create a single retrospective exhibition from Harbor Galaxy's vast collection of work over many years. So, the Dixmix Gallery Lounge, over the past few months, hosted four separate exhibitions, each devoted to a particular set of Harbor's work. Currently exhibited is the last of the four exhibits, devoted to the pieces in which she brings out sensuality.

Sensuality stems form the late Latin word "sensualis" and refers to the stimulation of different senses in our body. Over the years time has changed this definition to focus more on the sense of touch and we have started using it more in the context of sexual pleasures.

Starting from a simple Second Life photograph, Harbor post-processes her work to give it a painting-like quality, which has become her signature style. In this exhibition, fifteen of her pieces are presented, all of them revolving around the sensuality of the female form.

Nudity is one of the photographer's biggest challenges. To present nudity in a way that is not vulgar or distasteful is an art in itself. Harbor Galaxy does this exceedingly well in all her images, presenting the beauty and the vulnerability of the female form beautifully. Great detail is paid to the image composition ("Last Light"), the brilliant play of light and shadows ("Waiting") and the color scheme used ("The Chair").

The outstanding display, the elegant design of the gallery and Harbor's evocative art should most definitely be reasons to plan a visit to the Dixmix Gallery Lounge in the coming week.



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