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Hermes Kondor : It’s All About The Sea

Don’t forget to visit Hermes Kondor’s latest exhibition of RL photography at Vibes Art Gallery with fascinating images of the deep blue sea, its waves and the life that revolves around it!

We have been following Hermes Kondor’s photography with great interest over the past year. With a remarkable understanding of composition, space and color, he is a photographer who likes to capture a wide range of subjects. From black and white street photography to simple but vibrant shots of fruits and vegetables at a market, he captures it all in the frame of his shot beautifully.

His latest exhibition at the Vibes Art Gallery, managed and owned by Eviana Raider, focuses on the deep blue sea and the various activities associated with it. The exhibit can be divided into three parts (housed in the three rooms of the gallery), based on the subjects which Hermes focuses upon. All taken at a beach in Costa da Caparica, Hermes’ stunning images will surely rouse in you a longing for the fresh air of the sea.

It’s all about the Sea” by Hermes Kondor – Vibes Art Gallery

Waves are an important feature of the ocean and the swelling and crashing of the waves is a spectacle to behold, which can be extremely pleasing both for the eyes and the ears. The crashing of waves produces a sound that is soothing not just to the ears, but also for the soul. Hermes’ photographs of waves breaking, swelling and crashing in Theater 7 of the Vibes Art Gallery capture this beautiful phenomenon we often see but rarely pay attention to.

Capturing the blue of the ocean, the intricate patterns created on the surface of the water and the flow of water are not easy to capture in the lens; however Hermes does a spectacular job, even retaining the tone and hue of the blue perfectly across all images, so much so that one could easily mistake the images as those of a single wave at different points of time.

It’s all about the Sea” by Hermes Kondor – Vibes Art Gallery

The waves of the ocean provide the opportunity for one of the most popular beach activities – surfing; and this is what Hermes explores in the next room of the gallery. The images in Theater 8 depict different surfers at various stages riding a massive wave. As they navigate their way through, Hermes’ camera lens captures their motion, which proceeds in harmony with that of the water.

These images of surfers battling the waves can be notoriously difficult to capture as the motion is quite fast and it can be quite tedious to train your lens at the perfect spot, avoiding all sunlight reflections off the water to get a sharp, crystal clear shot. Hermes’ spectacular photographs manage to transport you to the beach and create an extremely realistic effect that makes you feel like you could almost smell the sea.

It’s all about the Sea” by Hermes Kondor – Vibes Art Gallery

The third room, which stands opposite the other two, focuses on the life that goes on around the sea, in particular the fishermen and beach workers whose lives revolve around the sea. Beach workers and fishermen can be seen engaged in a number of activities, from offloading the day’s catch from the boat to navigating the boat through the waves. Here, the cool blue of the ocean is complemented by the warmer hues of the evening sky.

As soon as the catch is offloaded, seabirds come in flocks to catch the remnants of the fish that get left behind or slip through the net onto the beach. Hermes, who has used only Lightroom (and no Photoshop whatsoever) to minimally process these images, beautifully captures this event as the birds descend down to enjoy their feast.

The beauty of the deep blue sea and the way it influences life around it can be seen through Hermes Kondor’s spectacular images at the Vibes Art Gallery. For admirers of good photography, this exhibition will be a most memorable one, while for some it can also be a source of inspiration to go ahead, pick your camera and get clicking.


  1. Vibes Art Gallery – Isola del Giglio

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