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Hero : An Inspiring Installation by London Junkers

London Junkers’ latest installation at The Eye Arts depicts the story of Harriet Tubman, an American abolitionist who escaped the shackles of slavery and eventually managed to rescue many more people.

The story of Harriet Tubman is both tragic and inspiring at the same time. Harriet was born in Maryland at a time when slavery was at its peak. Early in life, she was both beaten and whipped by various masters as a child, even having to sustain a traumatic head wound at a tender age when an irate overseer threw a heavy metal object intending to hit another enslaved person, but hitting her instead.

In 1849, Harriet escaped to Philadelphia, but returned to Maryland soon after to get her family out. Traveling by night and in extreme secrecy against impossible odds, Harriet managed to get her relatives out in small groups, eventually guiding dozens of people on their way to freedom. London Junkers, in his latest installation “Hero” at The Eye Arts, pays a tribute to this brave woman, who served as an inspiration and a symbol against all forms of slavery and oppression to countless Americans.

Hero” by London Junkers – The Eye Arts

London bases each of his installations on a poem he pens himself and near the landing point for this installation as well, one can find the story of Harriet Tubman penned down in the form of a beautiful, heart-touching poem by London himself. The poem describes her difficult childhood, the trauma of her head injury as well as her escape from Maryland to Philadelphia. It then goes on to describe her journey, fraught with peril in the form of wild, hungry wolves and countless bullets, that were always eager to find her, as she helped countless slaves to freedom against all odds.

In his installation at The Eye Arts, London Junkers has been able to perfectly summarize the essence of the story into a single scene. The installation depicts Harriet Tubman as a strong motherly figure with the wings of an angel, as she was someone who guided hundreds of souls to their freedom without a single life being lost in the process. London’s poem also compares her journey to that of Moses, who parted the Red Sea and led his people to freedom.

Hero” by London Junkers – The Eye Arts

Along with Harriet in the installation are two children and a pregnant lady, a sample of the countless poor, tortured souls she helped. One of the children, a girl, holds a broken white chain in her hand, thus symbolizing their quest for freedom from oppression. From both sides, we see wolves converging on them and pointed bullets heading towards them – a representation of the dangers they faced on their path.

London’s builds over the past year have been diverse and he tends to cover a vast number of topics through them. Stories from Greek mythology, the tales of Mark Twain and a variety of other topics have been covered by him through his mesmerizing installations; however, “Hero” is one of the most heart-touching and inspiring installations you will have seen in the recent past.

Hero” by London Junkers – The Eye Arts

The installation stands as a symbol against slavery, oppression and pays homage to one of the bravest women – Harriet Tubman. For people who might not be aware who she is, the information can also be really informative and enlightening. Regardless, this is a build that will leave you in complete awe thanks to its sheer grandeur and the heart-touching subject it deals with.


  1. London Junkers Installation – The Eye Arts

Tip : For the best experience, set Advanced Lighting Model ON and change your Sky to A-9PM

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