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Hidden Gems of Flickr - Joanna Kitten

In the first of this series which seeks to highlight some amazing Flickr feeds, our attention has turned to Joanna Kitten, a rising star whose landscapes will leave you in awe.

For every photographer, there is a certain genre and style they love to delve into the most and find a comfort with that is irreplaceable. For Joanna Kitten (joaannna resident), undoubtedly, the answer is landscapes photography.

A quick scroll through Joanna's FLICKR feed will tell you that her work is not just random snapshots taken here and there. It goes much beyond that. Every image sets a different mood and is beautifully composed so as to be aesthetically pleasing.

Take, for example, this amazing piece of photography from the latest version of Grauland. The depth of field, the composition, the lighting, shadows... everything just seems to come together brilliantly to form a truly remarkable piece of landscape photography.

While some of her recent work is primarily created in greyscale, "Tuscan Storm" is a fascinating example of the way she uses the moods generated by different colors to enhance her images.

Most of Joanna's photos are shot using the Black Dragon Viewer, which has been developed by NiranV Dean. But it is her artistic capabilities, her elegant composition, her brilliant lighting and the way she plays with the colors already present within the scene to great effect, which makes her photography special.

Each of Joanna's landscapes is rich in tone, emotions and uses beautiful composition, which immediately engages the viewer's gaze. From Serene Footman's Dyrholaey to Tolla Crisp's Frogmore, each region, when seen through Joanna's lens, can be appreciated even more.

You will be even more surprised by the fact that most of Joanna's landscapes are more-or-less unedited. She doesn't do a lot of editing outside the viewer. So most of the magic only happens inworld. Recently, she has started tinkering a bit with the final image, when needed, using Affinity Photo.

Ammonite Photography & Gallery is Joanna's personal gallery which showcases a small selection of her photography inworld. So make sure you pay a visit there next time you find yourself inworld!

Also, if you own a region or are planning to open one, Joanna accepts commissions as well! So, you could get the advertising shots for your region captured by her!

For more information, contact Joanna (joaannna resident) through Flickr or inworld


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