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Human Moments Under a Red Sky

A new exhibition by Mihailsk in Dido’s part of the Nitroglobus Gallery focuses on images set under a dark red sky, which serves as a great enhancer to the emotions portrayed.

Colors and emotions are linked very closely. They can make us feel happy, sad, energized or relaxed. The reaction to these colors are rooted in psychological effects, biological conditioning and in some way, cultural imprinting. Often, it is the way a color is used and the situation in which it is used that makes a lot of difference. This forms the core concept of “Red Sky” – the latest exhibition by Mihailsk in Dido’s Part of the Nitroglobus Gallery.

Consisting of eight pieces presented in the large format that Nitroglobus is known for, this exhibition uses a red sky as the backdrop in all images displayed. The color red is usually used to symbolize intensity in any situation or emotion. It is a color that draws our gaze immediately and is thus also used to indicate a warning or to signify danger. Painting the sky in a magnificent dark shade of red almost leaning towards crimson, Mihailsk manages to give the color a completely different meaning in each image through the poses, composition and framing he uses.

Red Sky” by Mihailsk – Nitroglobus Gallery (Dido’s Part)

With the help of strong photographic techniques, Mihailsk depicts eight extremely human moments – danger, longing, visualization, power, love, pain, balance and joy – under a sky washed in red (almost crimson) color through his images. However, it is important to note that the “red sky” that is highlighted in the title merely acts as an element of support and has been used to enhance images which are already rich in meaning and driven by highly effective composition and lighting.

The imagery created by Mihailsk in this exhibition is completely different from the art he had presented in his first exhibition, “Baptism of Fire” at Nitroglobus back in the month of July.

We are a part of the environment around us, not the main theme.

This statement by Mihailsk from his introductory notecard rings true in every image he presents as a part of this beautiful exhibit. Preferring to rely on the natural movements of the avatar in many cases, he manages to make us see the world through his eyes and feel the emotions portrayed in each work.

Red Sky” by Mihailsk – Nitroglobus Gallery (Dido’s Part)

Mihailsk’s imagery may appear simple at first glance, but upon a closer look, one can find layers hidden beneath the surface, particularly in “Danger” and “Pain“. The images are driven by a number of things – in some cases, it is the composition while in others it is the framing or an unusual angle that makes things interesting. In “Visualization” or “Joy“, the red sky in the background creates a lot of negative space in the image, which greatly enhances the emotions portrayed within.

Mihailsk’s “Red Sky” is a delicate and interesting study of the color red and its usage in different situations. Although the color exists in each image merely as a backdrop, it plays a large part in enhancing the moods portrayed. Visit the Nitroglobus Gallery today and find out how a single color can elicit multiple emotions and serve as an enhancer while depicting some common human feelings.


  1. Dido’s Part of Nitroglobus Gallery – Sunshine Homestead

Tip : While you are here, also visit ONE DAY by Dido Haas in the Main Hall of the Nitroglobus Gallery, which can be accessed through an arched doorway at the southwestern end.

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