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I Am You - An Art Experience for the Art Lovers

Explore this art project between five friends, that is a true delight to visit for lovers of Second Life artwork.

I love collaborations in Second Life, and especially ones which run successfully. A few months ago, Debora and Rafael opened a small space known as the Art Gallery Experience. It was a unique and successful collaboration between five friends - Deborakaz, Rafael Correia, Adwehe, Lizbeth Morningstar and Noir Tater.

Now, this space has shifted to another location and evolved to include a new project between these five artist friends called "I Am You". This two-level space is now known as the Art Experience.

Debora introduces the exhibition in a beautiful way in the form of a poem, saying:

"I am you.

But can you be me?

... empathy

... a look

My gaze and your gaze.

Who is who?

What are you?"

The Ancient Mayans had an interesting phrase - "In Lak’ech Ala K’in" - which essentially meant "I am another yourself". Human connections and empathy forms the core of this exhibition and all five artists have presented work, each of them having their own unique style.

The differing styles of each artist play off each other very well, creating a display that is not monotonous or repetitive in any way. The display is also very immersive and even a bit orderly chaotic, which adds to the beauty of the exhibition.

Rafael's art work in the greyscale, Adwehe's explorations with Midjourney, Lizbeth's work with dominant use of pastels, Debora's sculptures and Noir's fascinating portraits - all gel together wonderfully well to give visitors an experience like no other.

It looks like the Art Experience is surely going to expand further and we are extremely excited for it!



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